Members of the Prominente, under a US guard, outside the Hungerberg Hotel on the 5th May 1945, shortly after their release. The Prominente were individuals who were sent to Colditz because of their family connections to influential Allied figures, and it was anticipated that one day they could be used as a bargaining chip should Hitler require it. In the event they were taken away from Colditz shortly before it was liberated, but when Hitler realised that all was lost he ordered the Prominente to be killed. Obergruppenführer Gottlob Berger, a General of the SS, personally broke this news to the Prominente and informed them that he had no intention of carrying out the order. Instead he loaded them aboard two lorries bound for the American lines and provided them with an armed escort, who were under orders to fire on any who opposed them. They were soon in safe hands. Left to right: The Master of Elphinstone, Max de Hamel, Michael Alexander, unknown, Viscount Lascelles, and Lieutenant Winant.