Sent on the 7th July 1944. Translation: "Dear Jane. Your letter came with a card from Jan, he wrote in a very laconic way that they are doing all they can to help you and advised me to be calm. I believe that your situation isn't quite so desperate and the best choice is to stay where you are. But if you think that this is impossible I will try to arrange for you to stay with friends near Lancut where you will get a bed and food and earn some money servicing Roentgen unit. They're a good family. Tell me what you think about this because personally I prefer friends than being in debt to strangers. I shall deal with your anxiety about the rest of the family and Stach. Anyway I am happy that you are having good weather and the children are well. I feel well, the weather is excellent, despite the sickness and I shall probably undergo an operation. I have received a parcel from uncle and keep in touch with him. Ask Mother to send them a letter. It is uncomfortable for me to write in your name. Ada will send you a parcel and money too. I had to 80DM to you on 30/04 and now 100DM. Why didn't you write to me if you have our documents with you - remember do not lose anything while in exile. Kissing you and Barbara, and I ask you to be brave. Best wishes and kisses for Wlada and Mother and Stanislaw and all the family. Many thanks to Jan, wishing to see you soon. Yours Bolek." Note: his wife, Jane, and their four year old daughter, Barbara, were expelled from Lwow by the Russians and were left in a small village in the mountains with nothing except their documents. Copyright: Tomasz Chrzanowski.