Sent on the 14th November 1941. Translation: "My Dearest Jane! I gave got your letter and photo of 6.11 and I am extremely happy to have these lovely mementos. I would like to have Mother's photo too. Concerning Mary's case I will do exactly as I wrote to you but I can't send you money because it is still not allowed. I am sending you a "badge" and I beg you do not send it all for me. Send me a wafer that's enough and only things that you can easily get (I have soap and underwear). I have butter some other fat and marmalade is enough. Ask Jan to send me aspirin, codeine and tiocol because of a bronchitis problem (lack of medicines in the camp). Despite this I am 100% OK. Thank you for the photo, it has brought back so many memories that my heart is breaking into pieces. Be brave Jane and please remember the greater the sadness the more happiness later. The parcel must be sent by 1.12 because between 1.12 and 25.12 posting is cancelled. Kisses for you both my dear and the whole family." Note: the "badge" is a piece of paper stuck to parcels sent to prisoners, without a badge they could not be sent. Copyright: Tomasz Chrzanowski.