Sent on the 29th June 1940. Translation: "My dearest Jane, I have received a letter from Mr. Zielinski. Isabel wrote to Ada but not to me. My last news about you was of the 13th March send by Wladzia. I have started to received cards from you dated January and December. I am OK, don't give up, don't worry about me though I miss you very much. Send me photos of yourself and Barbara. Write letters to me more often via Ada. I am glad that you are OK. Kisses to Helen, Mother and everyone. You and Barbara have hot kisses, I still dream of you. Always yours, Bolek." Note, Ada was Boleslaw's sister who lived in Nazi-occupied Poland while the remainder of the family were in Russian territory, and communication to them was easiest via Ada. Most of the names mentioned in the letter was unknown. Barbara was Boleslaw's five month old daughter. Copyright: Tomasz Chrzanowski.