Born on the 8th June 1913 in Lwów (formerly in Austria), Boleslaw Chrzanowski was a Lieutenant and a Battery Commander in the 5th Light Artillery Regiment Lwów. He participated in the Defence of Warsaw where he was taken prisoner. He was first sent to a temporary prisoner of war camp in either Zyrardów or Pruszków, near Warsaw, before being moved on to Oflag XB at Nienburg an der Weser in Germany from the 2nd October to November 1939, then Oflag XVIIIC at Spittal an der Drau in Austria until May 1940, and finally Oflag IIC at Woldenberg, now in Poland, until the 23rd January 1945. The camp was then evacuated in the face of the Russian advances and its occupants were marched westwards in freezing temperatures. He was in a party sent to a work camp at Stettin where he was soon freed by the Russians. He became a War Commandant of Barlinek City, where he was shot in the leg by a group of bandits and drunken Russian deserters. He recovered a month later, only to find that his mother had been expelled from Lwów by the Russians. Having found her in Siedlce in May 1945, they moved to Lódz. Boleslaw Chrzanowski died here on the 5th May 1993. Copyright: Tomasz Chrzanowski.