Sent on the 18th October and received on the 26th October 1939. Translation: "Dear Jane and Mother, I am pleased to inform you that I am doing well as a prisoner of war. For how long I will be one I do not know. Do not worry about me and rest your mind at ease. I will send you money as soon as possible. Do the best that you can in the meantime, if necessary sell some of my belongings. Write me a brief letter of how you are all getting along and what is happening to the rest of the family. Jane, please write to me, how are you, can you copy with this turn of events? Don't send me any parcels for a while. I will let you know when to send them. Goodbye, I send you my warmest kisses. Yours Bolek. ps. Write to me as soon as possible. My address is on the back of this postcard." Copyright: Tomasz Chrzanowski.