A. Wing with 30-40 wires rooms

B. Room for identication, search, and shipping out of POWs
C. Assembly area for newly arrived POWs

D. Reception room for new POWs

E. Steps down to the cellar, used for the reception of new POWs and overflow

F. Crew Room

G. Guardroom


1. The Cooler, consisting of 200 cells.

2. New office building

3. Old office building

4. Kommandan't office, and microphone monitoring of cells

5. Canteen, and new officers mess.

6. Photo room, W/T room, and Sick Bay (1st Floor)

7. Old camp

8. Guard towers

9. Store room

10. Main guard and camp staff

11. Gestapo offices and Cooler for POWs being interrogated by the Gestapo

12. Old officers' quarters

13. New officers' quarters

14. Women's quarters

15. Men's quarters

16. Security offices and Sergeant's quarters

17. Guard room

18. Main entrance