Lance-Sergeant William Irving

A map of the 6th Airborne Division's area in Normandy which Lance-Sergeant Irving took with him into battle

Confirmation of Lance-Sergeant Irving's Military Medal

A letter to Lance-Sergeant Irving's wife, from Major Roseveare

A post-war photograph, possibly during the Berlin Airlift, of the then Captain Irving

William Irving with King George VI during an inspection

Lance-Sergeant William Irving


Unit : No.2 Troop, 3rd Parachute Squadron, RE.

Army No. : 14504655

Awards : Military Medal


In the early hours of June 6th Lance-Sergeant Irving was with a small party under my command who, when landed by parachute in the wrong place and cut off from our infantry support, collected demolition stores and after a forced march heavily ladened through enemy infested country finally drove in a commandeered Jeep and trailer under enemy small-arms fire to the bridge at Troarn, the demolition of which was an objective. During the approach and the carrying out of the task Lance-Sergeant Irving was a tower of strength particularly and on the bridge where he worked calmly and efficiently under the most harrowing conditions, thereby contributing materially to a speedy and successful demolition.


During the subsequent days Lance-Sergeant Irving with his Troop were constantly engaged against the enemy...


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