Corporal William Bartle


Unit : "B" Company, 7th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 7402502

Awards : Military Medal


At Bois de Bavent of 18th June 1944, this NCO was a stretcher bearer with a company which raided a strong enemy post. The enemy fire was heavy and accurate and several casualties were suffered. Corporal Bartle showed no regard whatever for his own safety and made repeated journeys into the open to bring in casualties. The CSM was killed beside him by a mortar bomb in a forward position. He was not killed instantly and hoping to save him Bartle worked his way back, got another bearer and went forward again to try and bring him back.


When the raiding party returned Bartle found that two casualties had not been brought back so he immediately joined a party that was going out to bring them in. He showed the party the way out and back and left them under cover while he did the final locating of the casualties himself. His sense of duty was outstanding.


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