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National Archives catalogue number WO 171/425.




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52 Bn

























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D of W



E/A or Eac






E Yorks

















































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Pz Gren













































X rds

Map Reference


2nd Ox and Bucks (52nd Regiment of Foot)

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders


Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment




Assistant Director Medical Services


Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Army Group Royal Artillery



Airborne Troops





Army Photographic Interpretation Section






Air Support Signal Unit




Battery Commander

Beach Dressing Station

Boundary / Body



Brigade Major


Bridge / British



Black Watch



Counter Battery

Coastal Defence





Commanding Officer







Commander Royal Artillery
Commander Royal Engineers

Chemical Weapons

Defence / Defensive



12th Devons

Defensive Fire


Dispersed / Disposition

Division / Divisional

Durham Light Infantry

Divisional Maintenance Area

Died of Wounds

Despatch Rider

Drop Zone

Enemy Aircraft




Establish / Estimate


East Yorkshire


Forward Defended Locality




Forward Observation Bombardment

Forward Observation Officer

Field Security Officer

Field Security Personnel

Forming Up Place



General Staff Officer 1


General Officer Commanding


Gun Position Officer

Grenadier / Grenade


General Staff Officer

Hussars / Highland

Heavy Anti-Aircraft

High Explosive

Harassing Fire

Headquarters Royal Artillery







Information / Informed



Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Summary


Knocked out

Light Anti-Aircraft

Landing Craft Assault

Landing Craft Infantry



Light Machine Gun

Liaison Officer

Landing Ship Infantry
Landing Ship Tank

Line of Communication


Landing Zone



Main Dressing Station

Medical / Medium

Machine Gun


Medium Machine Gun

Medical Officer


Motor Transport


Nothing to Report

Officer Commanding


Operation Order

Operation / Observation Post (upper case)


Other Ranks










Prisoner of War

Panzer Grenadier


Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery Liaison Officer ?

Royal Army Medical Corps

Regimental Aid Post

Royal Army Service Corps


Royal Engineers







Royal Marines



Radio / Telephony

Royal Ulster Rifles


Small Arms

Stretcher Bearer



Situation Report

Start Line

Senior Liaison Officer

Senior Officer

Self-Propelled / Support (lower case) / Special


Special Service








Under Command


War Diary

With Effect




Month and year: June 1944

Commanding Officer : Maj Gen R.N. Gale, CBE, MC


6th June 1944

0020 - "Coup de main" party of 6 Pl 2 OXF BUCKS with dets RE landed by glider between brs over CANAL de CAEN and R ORNE.  Both brs captured intact with slight opposition - close br-head est on WEST bank of canal brs.  Little flak encountered over coast or ldg.  One glider broke tow rope, rest landed in close proximity to brs.  Brs were prepared for demolition but charges were not in posn.  Later found stored in neighbouring hut.


0050 - (a) 7 Para Bn dropped - task to consolidate the brhead est by "coup de main" party.  Bn was dropped somewhat wide of correct DZ.  There was consequently delay in re-org and bn did not reach br until 0300 hrs.  One coy had been lightly equipped to double to the brs - to reach it within one hr of drop.  In fact this coy dropped furthest astray and reached the brs last.  (b) 12 and 13 Para Bns dropped on DZ "   ".  Tasks.  (c) 9 Para Bn landed on DZ "   ".  Tasks.  (d) 8 and 1 Cdn Para Bns landed on DZ "   ".  Tasks.


0335 - Div HQ and 4 A Tk Bty landed.


0755 - Infm from 5 Para Bde that brs had been captured intact.  Airtps infm.  No news of 3 Para Bde.


0825 - Br at 114762 reported intact.  1 Corps infm.


0915 - Unconfirmed report that bty 155776 had been destroyed.  1 Corps infm accordingly.  Later confirmed that bty was destroyed by 0500 hrs.


1230 - Sitrep.  Div HQ est Le BAS de RANVILLE 1073.  5 Para Bde seized brs intact with little opposition and now firmly est.  Some enemy activity incl small counter attack area SE of RANVILLE.  3 enemy 77mm SP guns destroyed.  3 Para and 1 SS Bdes not yet contacted, but latter believed to be now approaching brs.  8 Inf Bde making good progress.  Enemy identifications.  HQ 2 Bn and 8 Coy 125 Pz Gren Regt at COLOMBELLES 0770.  7 Coy 125 Pz Gren Regt in area RANVILLE on anti-paratp patrols night 5/6 Jun.  711 Engr Coy HEROUVILLETTE 7271.  30 tks POUSEY 1356.


1300 - Strong enemy attempt at infiltration 500 yds SOUTH of PONT TOURNANT sp by SP guns caused a critical situation.  Brilliant action by Brig Poett and most determined fighting by 7 and 12 Para Bns repulsed the attack.  One Cdo temporarily diverted to assist clear up situation.


1353 - 1 SS Bde crossed the brs - unit of 8 Inf Bde at brs - situation completely in hand.  1 SS Bde came under comd 6 Airborne Div on crossing.


1610 - 3 Para Bde report area LE MESNIL held by 1 Cdn Para Bn.  Approx 130 enemy entering BREVILLE.


1700 - 3 Para Bde reported that brs at VARAVILLE ROBEHOMME and BURES had been successfully blown.  This bde was dropped over an enormous area and is now about one third str.  Situation on div front comfortably in hand.


2100 - Glider ldg of 1 RUR, 2 OXF BUCKS, Armd Recce Regt and 211 Lt Bty.


7th June 1944

0001 - Sitrep.  Continual attacks from South all held - now known that brs at TROARN and VARAVILLE were successfully blown.  Owing to strong resistance 1 SS Bde unable to adv beyond line BREVILLE - LE PLEIN except for isolated patrols.


0030 - Br at BENOUVILLE taken over by 3 Br Inf Div.


0200 - Coy of 12 DEVON which arrived by air ordered to come under comd 13 Para Bn from 0500 hrs for purpose of holding area HEROUVILLETTE after airldg bn had pushed on to ESCOVILLE.


1030 - 1 SS Bde began to adv through SALLENELLES with a view to mopping up the coastal area.


1030 - Sitrep.  BREVILLE in enemy hands - LONGUEVAL captured by 1 RUR - Armd Recce Regt patrolling fwd to TROARN and SANNAVILLE.  3 Br Inf Div reported in occupation BLAINVILLE and BEIVILLE, and to be attacking LEIBSEY.


1120 - 1 SS Bde ordered to attack and capture FRANCEVILLE PLAGE forthwith.  Two cruisers allotted in sp subsequently to capture and hold LE HOMME SUR MER.


1415 - 6 Airldg Bde reported enemy in ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE str 2 SP guns, 6 TIGER tks, one coy inf - also reported 1 RUR consolidation complete in LONGUEVAL.  1 SS Bde reported that at 1350 hrs they had cleared FRANCEVILLE PLAGE and taken 4 fd guns - attack was being mounted on LE HOMME SUR MER.  1 RUR attempted to occupy ST HONORINE but were driven off by armour.  They thereupon fell back to consolidate in their old posns at LONGUEVAL.


1500 - Enemy developed a strong inf and armd attack on 1 RUR posn area LONGUEVAL.  This attack was repulsed after stiff fighting.  The enemy falling back on ST HONORINE.  By 2030 hrs 6 Airldg Bde was firmly est on line LONGUEVAL - HEROUVILLETTE.  In the course of this fighting 1 RUR destroyed 2 tks and one SP gun and one unidentified gun.  Infm from Airtps that elements of 711 and 363 Inf Divs moving WEST.  Probable objective RANVILLE and the ORNE and canal brs.


1815 - 12 Devon (seaborne) entered Div area, and were ordered to take over from 12 Para Bn.  12 Para Bn into div res area 110745 on relief.  Infm from recce that 700 Pz tps and probably 50 tks moved from TROARN to BANNEVILLE.


8th June 1944

1130 - 1 SS Bde reported hy attack developing against 4 Cdo area HAUGER - SALLENELLES from EAST - confident HAUGER sector can be held.  1 Corps infm that 1 SS Bde likely to be involved in hy fighting today - would be grateful for one additional Cdo to be placed under comd if available.


1330 - Sitrep.  1 SS Bde hold FRANCEVILLE PLAGE - SALLENELLES to LE PLEIN - 3 Bde area X-rds 140728 - rd junc 140743.  5 Para and 6 Airldg Bdes from HEROUVILLETTE to RANVILLE to LONGUEVAL.  2 Bn 857 Inf Regt, 346 Div attacking HAUGER, some penetration flanks.


1900 - Attacks had all been held - disposns remain the same except that 45 Cdo now in MERVILLE.


2130 - Div Comd held conference of Bde Comds.  Hy enemy attacks developed along the front of 1 SS Bde - these attacks were all successfully held and cas inflicted - infiltration attempts continue - 45 Cdo brought back into bde area.


9th June 1944

1200 - 1 SS Bde holding from AMFREVILLE - SALLENELLES beat off repeated attacks during night.  3 Para Bde beat off attack from East and have est battle outpost at BAVENT.  5 and 6 Airldg Bde no change - enemy conc COLOMBELLES to GUVERVILLE mostly inf and some SP guns - total cas to date 900 killed and wounded.


1800 - 1 RUR attacked in LONGUEVAL tks and inf penetrated the village but were held.


1900 - Enemy pressure maint on 1 SS Bde area, particularly in neighbourhood BREVILLE and SALLENELLES.  Some infiltration but posn satisfactory.


2000 - Shelling began of RANVILLE and posns held by 12 Devon South of the town.  Also mortar fire and shelling on HEROUVILLETTE - enemy attack began almost immediately directed on 12 Devon coy posn at the x rds 140728 and 52nd posns in HEROUVILLETTE.  Enemy penetrated 12 Devon front line and were driven out by immediate local counter attack.  Enemy attack on HEROUVILLETTE failed but four tks penetrated the village where they were knocked out.  Situation reverted to normal by 2130 hrs.


2030 - Report from 6 Airldg Bde that enemy SP guns had penetrated LONGUEVAL.  2 SP guns sent to LONGUEVAL which engaged enemy guns in dusk.  Enemy immediately withdrew.


2330 - Bombing of RANVILLE area one hit on 6 Airldg Bde HQ - one man severely wounded - one SP gun KO.


10th June 1944

0530 - 0630 - Gen spasmodic bombing, shelling and mortaring of div posns - attacks developed as follows.

(a) One weak bn attack from SALLENELLES on HAUGER (about 400 strong) of these 40 succeeded in penetrating HAUGER.  This party was promptly eliminated by 1 SS Bde.  (b) An attack NW from BREVILLE area towards AMFREVILLE on 1 SS Bde.  Attack repulsed with hy loss to the enemy.  (c) An attack SW from BREVILLE towards LE MARIQUET which was held by 13 Para Bn.  One pl succeeded in reaching X rds 123735.


1000 - PW captured by 3 Para Bde stated that in attack from BREVILLE area this morn II Bn 857 Gren Regt was ordered to capture glider DZ and II Bn 827 Regt was ordered to pass through and consolidate.


1100 - 4 heavily cam tks suspected TIGER, reported moving slowly southwards in area LONGUEVILLE 1174.  SP guns moved to area from 5 Para Bde.


1220 - Further attack by one coy sp by 3 tks developed on 13 Para Bn front from BREVILLE area.


1245 - Infm from 1 SS Bde regarding attack vide Serial 38(a) - attack was badly put in and only sp by mortar fire.  Attackers suffered very hy cas possibly up to 50%.


1400 - One Sqn 13/18 H (Sherman tks) crossed the ORNE and came under comd 6 Airborne Div.


1600 - Tks attacked enemy who had penetrated SE from BREVILLE.


1630 - Infm from 1 SS Bde that attack vide Serials 38(a) and (b) was on a much bigger scale than was imagined.  At least two enemy bns involved.  Attack was repulsed with hy losses by Cdos suffered many cas from accurate fire of mob mortars.  12 Para Bn sent to relieve No.4 Cdo who withdrew into res in the evening.


1600 - Vide Serial 44 - this attack was made by two coys 7 Para Bn attacking eastwards from LE MARIQUET, sp by one sqn 13/18 H (Shermans) operating wide on the left flank to cut off the enemy from BREVILLE.  The inf attack met an utterly disorg enemy.  200 of whom were killed and 100 taken prisoner.  7 Para Bn losses negligible.  The tk attack ran into hy A Tk gun fire SW of BREVILLE and five tks were lost.


11th June 1944

Night 10/11 -  153 Inf Bde crossed R ORNE during the night and entered the Div area - units being directed as under.  BW to attack and capture BREVILLE on morning 11 Jun.  Thereby filling the gap between 1 SS Bde and 3 Para Bde.  1 GORDONS to pass through 8 Para Bn and occupy a covering posn immediately South of that unit's area.  This op being carried out during the hrs of darkness.  5/7 GORDONS to pass through 1 Gordons on morning 11 Jun to attack TOUFFREVILLE.


0930 - BW held up on outskirts of BREVILLE.


1100 - 20 enemy tks reported moving eastwards along rd ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE - ESCOVILLE.


1915 - 5/7 GORDONS entered TOUFFREVILLE unopposed and consolidated.  4 SS Bde entered the div area and came under comd 6 Airborne Div.  Took over North of area previously occupied by 1 SS Bde.


12th June 1944

0500 - Enemy inf and tks attacked 5/7 GORDONS area 1368.  Counter attack staged at 0615 hrs and restored the situation.


0630 - Enemy attacked BW in BREVILLE area.  DF tasks fired on areas concerned.  Attack repulsed.


1500 - Very hy enemy mortar concs opened on BW and 9 Para Bn areas and attacks developed.  DF tasks fired on areas concerned.


1515 - 3 Para Bde called for DF on orchard 143747 in addition to previous targets.


1700 - Enemy attack on 9 Para Bn area being pressed.  Mortar fire on BW posns continuing and enemy pressing.  The BW were pressed back from their fwd posns and Comd 3 Para Bde counter attacked with one coy 1 Cdn Para Bn - posn partially restored.


2200 - 12 Para Bn with under comd one coy 12 DEVON launched a counter attack on the BREVILLE area sp by div arty, and five regts of arty 51 Div.  12 Para Bn captured BREVILLE.  They were heavily shelled by own guns in BREVILLE half an hour later and suffered hy cas.


2315 - 3 Para Bdes posns completely restored.  Indep Para Coy ordered to BREVILLE area to reinforce 12 Para Bn.


2330 - Infm received that Comds 6 Airldg Bde and 1 SS Bde had been wounded by own shell fire falling short.


13th June 1944

0400 - 5 CAMERONS of 152 Bde attacked STE HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE through LONGUEVAL (held by 1 RUR) covered by very hy arty sp.  All except a small sec of the village successfully taken.  Mopping up of the remainder in progress at 0830 hrs.  Further attack through ST HONORINE on CUVERVILLE by SEAFORTHS of 152 Bde to go in as soon as situation clears up.


0600 - BREVILLE was successfully held by 12 Para Bn during night.  No German counter attack yet developed.  12 Para Bn cas in capture of BREVILLE approx 15 killed and 60 wounded.


0900 - Following moves to take place forthwith.  2 OXF BUCKS from HEROUVILLETTE to take over area occupied by BW.  7 Para Bn with 249 Airldg Fd Coy to take over from 2 OXF BUCKS in HEROUVILLETTE.  BW moving to 153 Bde area about TOUFFREVILLE.  2 OXF BUCKS to come under comd 3 Para Bde.  Sp Gp Armd Recce Regt to ESCOVILLE.


0915 - Determined enemy attack on ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE.  DF tasks fired by 51 Div arty.  CAMERONS holding ST HONORINE withdrew - the SEAFORTHS who were waiting to attack CUVERVILLE immediately occupied area ring contour 1072 and consolidated.


1200 - BREVILLE posns being steadily mortared by enemy.


1230 - Armd Recce Regt withdrawn from 13 Para Bn area.


1600 - Infm from 152 Bde that enemy have withdrawn from ST HONORINE.


1800 - 7 A&SH (154 Bde) entered the Div area, and moved to RANVILLE.  Came under comd 6 Airborne Div.


1935 - Air bombing of enemy concs EAST of BREVILLE which had been requested by Div were put in.  The bombing by two flts of aircraft was highly successful.  The third flt bombed in 3 Para Bde area two offr cas.


2000 - Orders were issued for the following re-org to take effect tonight.  Inter div bdy between 6 Airborne and 51 Div all incl 6 Airborne x-rds 139719 - HEROUVILLETTE - BAS de RANVILLE.  3 Para Bde incl x-rds 139719 - incl (3) at 141733.  6 Airldg Bde excl (3) at 141733 - incl BREVILLE.  1 and 4 SS Bdes no change.  5 Para Bde area HEROUVILLETTE - LE MARIQUET - BAS de RANVILLE.  Area now held by 8 Para Bn being taken over by 153 Inf Bde - when relieved move to 3 Para Bde area.  All airldg bns revert comd 6 Airldg Bde - one coy 1 RUR move to BREVILLE now.  Rest on relief by CAMERONS (probably about 0400 hrs) 12 DEVON move to 6 Airldg Bde area on relief by 5 SEAFORTHS - new area 133728.  152 Bde moving to relieve 8 Para Bn now.


14th June 1944

1000 - 17 enemy armd vehs (tks and SP guns) reported moving NORTH towards STE HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE.  20 enemy tks reported in area 1169.


15th June 1944

1000 - Patrol reports night 14/15 several MG posns area 1572 and enemy strongpt at pt 35 1269.  Very quiet night.


1100 - Dense cloud of white smoke seen rising from ST HONORINE.


1230 - Armd Recce Regt area shelled - 6 cas.


1630 - Enemy observation balloon aloft for a short period area 1167.


2100 - GOC held conference of Bde Comds.


2300 - Warning from Army that an enemy attack on 51 and 6 Airborne Divs must be expected at about 0400 hrs tomorrow.


16th June 1944

0430 - Enemy opened a shell and mortar fire on the whole div front.


0500 - 3 Para Bde and 6 Airldg Bde both reported enemy forming up for attack on their front.  Own arty opened hy fire on their DF tasks.


0550 - All enemy concs on the div front had been broken up before the attacks could materialise.


0630 - Enemy attacks with tks developed on ESCOVILLE in 51 Div area.  ESCOVILLE was held by 153 Bde Armd Recce Regt who were forced to withdraw.  Enemy tks subsequently seen withdrawing SOUTH from ESCOVILLE.


1130 - In 51 Div area a patrol found ESCOVILLE evac by enemy.


1815 - Enemy who had been trying to infiltrate into 8 Para Bn posns during day were finally driven off.


1830 - 5 Para Bde ordered to relieve 3 Para Bde in their present posns tomorrow.


17th June 1944

1600 - 5/7 GORDONS report knock out of two possibly three tks Mk IV yesterday at 1630 hrs area 140713 - also that rd below 139720 is covered by a German A tk gun.


1800 - 3 and 5 Para Bdes reliefs completed.


1835 - Intercept - 11 eleven tks sq 1168.


18th June 1944

1000 - 154 Inf Bde entered div area and came under comd 6 Airborne Div - HQ est at 134726.


1030 - 12 DEVON moved to area 129741.


1200 - Infms received that US forces had cut the CHERBOURG Peninsular and reached the sea at two pts.


1405 - RA report two or three coys of enemy in area Le BAS de BREVILLE 1575 and LONGUEMARE 1475.


2130 - 47 Cdo attacked enemy posns at 142771 str 350 - own cas 1 killed 20 wounded (minefd) enemy cas 10 killed 8 PW.  3 MGs captured - 2 7.6 cm destroyed (unconfirmed) enemy HQ and living qrs destroyed.


18th to 19th June 1944

2230 to 0415 - 6 Airldg Bde patrols recce enemy posns between 149745 and Chateau 156742 and in the SOUTH Le BAS de BREVILLE.


19th June 1944

0440 - 45 Cdo attacked enemy posn 146755 to 147757 sp by cruiser, destroyer and 53 Lt Regt RA fire.  Def posns examined - own cas two wounded - enemy cas two killed 1 PW.


0450 to 0520 - Considerable enemy shelling on 46 Cdo area.  No attack developed.


1100 - 41 Cdo came under comd and relieve 7 A&SH at the brs.  7 A&SH revert comd 154 Inf Bde.


1420 - Div HQ shelled.


1515 - RA report mortar posn at 099707.  Visibility too poor to shoot.


2100 to 2200 - 2 OXF BUCKS despatched a fighting patrol of two pls to see if enemy had withdrawn from wood 147735 which had been subjected to a mortar conc immediately beforehand.  Patrol encountered strong opposition and was ordered to withdraw - 10 Germans killed own cas 1 offr 6 ORs wounded, 6 missing.  Consequent of this patrol the bn posns were spasmodically mortared and shelled during the night as a result two offrs were killed, 1 offr wounded, 1 OR killed.


20th June 1944

0300 - 4 Cdo sent a fighting patrol to locate x and report on enemy defs in area 147765.  Patrol was ambushed and extricated itself with difficulty.  Found enemy holding area in greater str than anticipated.


0825 - Infm from 1 Corps - 2 RMAS Regt (less one bty) moving into div area today.  To come under comd on arrival.


1015 - GOC held a conference with Comds 5 and 6 Bdes at 5 Bde HQ.


1700 - 7 Para Bn fighting patrol captured 3 PW and reports enemy coy posn with mortars along hedge 148720 - 147723.  PW disclosed enemy Bn HQ at 153725.  Fired on by med arty 2100.  Provoked strong retaliation.


1730 - Practice stand to at Div HQ.


21st June 1944

0120 - 154 Bde having relieved 153 Bde, 153 Bde took over 3 Para Bde posns at RANVILLE and HEROUVILLETTE.  2 Derby Yeomanry took over responsibility for brs from 41 Cdo.  3 Para Bde moved to new locations in div res area 1175 - 1176.  Inter div bdy altered to conform.


Following enemy gun and mortars btys disclosed by APIS and flash spotting: 166747 6 Mortar Bty.  175744 4 Gun bty.  162737 4 Gun Bty.  165736 4 Gun Bty.  168731 10 Mortar Bty.  163748 4 Gun Bty.  CB shoot arranged for 1400 hrs 22 Jun.


22nd June 1944

0300 - Enemy shelling of DMA.  Small fire caused which was got under control.  Shelling continued.


0400 - Pet lorry set on fire in DMA.  Blazing pet ran down hill into amn dumps and did considerable damage.  Fire was got under control by 0600 hrs but amn went on exploding all morning.  Some cas amongst RASC personnel.


22nd to 23rd June 1944

Intermittent shelling of Div HQ area during night.


23rd June 1944

0300 - 152 Inf Bde attacked and captured ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE without much opposition.


0550 - RA report all the night's shelling has come from EAST going SW and WEST.  Nothing coming from SOUTH which is most unusual especially in view of 152 Bde attack.


1045 - Bombardment of Div HQ area by hy shell and mortar began and lasted an hr.  This was obviously part of the enemy fire plan for the counter attack on ST HONORINE.  At same hr 35 enemy tks seen forming up for attack area CUVERVILLE.


1115 - LO 13/18 H states enemy tks seen moving SOUTH from LONGUEVAL and ST HONORINE.  A further 14 enemy tks seen moving up EAST of ST HONORINE.


1200 - 8 Para Bn and Recce Sqn ordered to recce area SOUTH of LE BAS DE RANVILLE in case assistance is required by 51 Div.


1300 - LO 13/18 H reports enemy tks withdrawn part SOUTH of CUVERVILLE, part towards TOUFFREVILLE.  5 still in view lying stationery EAST of CUVERVILLE, but whether incapacitated unknown.  Unconfirmed claims for enemy tks KO.  13/18 H - 13.  Typhoons - 2.  1[3?]/18 H losses - 1 missing 3 expected recoverable (crews safe).


1430 to 1500 - Further shelling of Div HQ area.


1545 - 6 Bde ordered to have res A tk pl 2 OXF BUCKS at 30 mins notice to move, and prepared to come under comd Div.  Pl comd to report to OC 4 A Tk Bty RA at HQRA.


1705 - 3 Para Bde ordered to move 8 Para Bn to 152 Bde area.


1845 - 6 Airldg Bde report leaflet raid in their area.


1900 - 8 Para Bn reported in new posns.


24th June 1944

0900 - 51 Div report that KO of 20 enemy tks in yesterday's action at ST HONORINE is confirmed.


1000 - 5 Para Bde patrols reported considerable enemy movement, digging and activity on their front last night.  Direction of movement appeared to be NORTH to SOUTH.  CRA reported that our CB programme of the last 48 hrs had resulted in a considerable reduction in enemy fire.


1245 - LO 13/18 H reports a conc of enemy armour SP guns and vehs in DEMEUVILLE 1067.  Arrangements being made to shell it.  Considered that this may be a refuelling pt.


2345 - Enemy put down mor and shell concs on 13 Para Bn and 7 BW front and attacks developed.  DF Tasks fired by RA.


25th June 1944

0100 - DF Tasks effective.  Enemy attacks broken up on fronts of 5 Para and 154 Bdes Sit normal.  There was slight penetration on left of 154 Bde but this was later rectified.


0345 - Sharp, short burst of shelling on Div HQ area.


During Day - 3 Para Bde relieved 5 Para Bde in LE MESNIL sector.  3 Bde in posn by 2115.  Sit normal.


1645 - Div HQ moved to 121759.


2210 - Urgent request by 1 Corps that we cease using NORTHERN Brs over the ORNE and CANAL DE CAEN.  To avoid possibility of attracting shelling to the dock gates area.


26th June 1944

0550 - Order from 1 Corps that 13/18 H to come under Comd 51 (H) Div forthwith.


0600 - 15 Div attacked on 2 Bde front - Axis ST MAUVIEU - MOUEN - ST MARTIN.  1st objective taken by 1100 hrs.


27th June 1944

0900 - Infm that CHERBOURG has fallen - 15 Div reached lines GRANVILLE SUR ODON 9064 - COLLEVILLE 9265.


1830 - Sit on other fronts: (a) 15 Div.  23 H & 2 ASH seized the crossing at 934633 intact at 1745 hrs and by 2300 hrs held line GAVRUS - HARON (both excl).  (b) 3 Br Div captured LE LANDEL and CH DE LA LONDE by 1830 hrs.


28th June 1944

0900 - 3 Br Div attacked this morning objectives: GALMARCH - ST CONTEST - BITOT.  3 Cdn Div attacked this morning objectives: GRUCHY - AUTHIE.  On the 6 A/B Div front normal patrol activity last night.


1800 - 8 Para Bn patrol returned after penetrating to BURES which was unoccupied but inhabitants say it is visited by patrols - enemy contacted at various pts en route and def posns located.


29th June 1944

0300 - Raid carried out by 1 SS Bde on enemy posn at 147750, covered by arty, mor and MMG conc.  Raid entirely successful.  Considerable nos of enemy eliminated and much damage done.  Own cas. 1 offr and 1 OR wounded.


0915 - Sit on other fronts: (a) 15 Div. adv reach line excl EVRECY and wood in 9661, and extending EASTWARDS seized woods SE of MOUEN.  Consolidating gains today.  (b) 3 Br and 3 Cdn Div made no progress yesterday.


30th June 1944

0900 - On 15 Div front enemy counter attacked both sides of salient during night, making some progress towards CHEUX.  Most of lost ground regained by morning.



Month and year: July 1944

Commanding Officer : Maj Gen R.N. Gale, CBE, MC


1st July 1944

0600 - 3 Cdo posns machine gunned by 6 low flying enemy a/c.  This was repeated at 1900 hrs.


1st to 2nd July 1944

2300 to 0400 - Div arty fired a series of hy concs on selected targets.


2nd to 3rd July 1944

2300 to 0400 - Div arty fired a series of hy concs on selected targets.


3rd July 1944

0530 to 0730 - Two flying bomb a/c passed over Div area flying towards German occupied territory.  One seen to fall about 7 miles within enemy lines.


1430 - Gen Browning visited G.O.C.


1745 - Comd 1 Corps visited Div HQ.


2230 - RE parties authorised to fire on any suspicious object seen floating in R. ORNE near brs.  This in consequence of an improvised mine having been found which later exploded - no damage.


3rd to 4th July 1944

2230 - Normal arty concs and patrol activities during night.


4th July 1944

1020 - Infm that 3 Cdn Div attacked CARPIQUET village and airfd at 0500 hrs.  By 0700 hrs the village was captured and a Bn had reached the hangars SOUTH of the airfd.  214 Bde of VIII Corps had co-operated by capturing VERCIN.  Subsequently the bn SOUTH of the airfd withdrew to 953677.  Enemy in str WEST of BRETTEVILLE with tks dug in, NE and SOUTH of airfd.


1445 - 5 Para Bde completed relief of 3 Para Bde.  13 Para Bn moved WEST of the ORNE for Sp trg.


5th July 1944

0900 - Fighters report two fires burning area Le PRIEURE at 1845 hrs 4 Jul.  Probably result of arty VICTOR shoot.  This was a target.


2315 - Orders issued for 2 Oxf Bucks to be relieved in BREVILLE area by Cdo of 1 SS Bde by 2300 hrs 6 Jul.


6th July 1944

0950 - 12 Para Bn with u/c 1 Coy 1 RUR relieved 13 Para Bn.  12 Para Bn relieved by 1 RUR.  13 Para Bn moving area CHAU DE BINONVILLE for special trg.


1100 - 1 SS Bde patrol report.  Free French Tps patrol found a party of 5 Germans, one in Brit helmet and all in Brit denims.


1600 - 5 Para Bde report having discovered quantity of enemy CW stores incl new type respirator.  Also quantity German 8.1cm mor amn.  Request CW expert to examine stores and suspected acid bombs.  Arranged with 1 Corps for IO CW to call immediately and examine.  IO CW visited 5 Para Bde at 1740 and remove samples of respirators stores and literature for examination.


1700 - 4 SS Bde report possibility that password for tonight compromised.  All fmns and units warned.


1900 - IO RA reports arty shoot on BAVENT highly successful all shells fell on target, large fire started with cols of dense black smoke rising from it.


2030 - 12 deserters from 642 OST Bn crossed into 12 Para Bn lines.


7th July 1944

0230 - 4 SS Bde report raid carried out at 0100 hrs on wood in 1475.  Half party returned half lost.  4 wounded some enemy mortaring beginning.  Remainder of party returned at 0255 hrs - no prisoners.


0625 - 6 low flying enemy fighters machine gunned Div HQ area.


1800 - Infm received that Lt Col Harris, Maj Stockwell, Maj Bliss 1 Coy 2IC all of 12 Para Bn wounded.  Maj Bliss not expected to live.  Maj Steele Baume assumed comd.


2150 - Hy bomber attack (460 Lancasters) on CAEN.


2305 - Enemy plane MG & cannoned Bailey Br W of Div HQ.  Also subsequent bombing - no damage.  Following reliefs during day.  4 Cdo relieved 2 Oxf Bucks, 2 Oxf Bucks relieved 12 Devons, 12 Devon to res area HQ 6 Airldg Bde.


8th July 1944

0430 - 1 Corps offensive opened N of CAEN on a 3 Div front right 3 Cdn Div, centre 59 Div, left 3 Br Div.


0800 - 36 Marauders attacked CAEN area in fmn.


0930 - Infm from 1 Corps following places captured GRUCHY - BURON - EPRON - LEBISHEY - HEROUVILLE.  Bitter fighting in progress at GALMANCH and ST CONTEST preparing for phase 2.  By 1030 hrs GALMARCH and ST CONTEST had fallen.


1000 - During night 7/8 7 and 12 Bns moved fwd approx 300 yds successfully.  1 offr 2 ORs killed, 2 OR wounded in 7 Bn.  Propaganda broadcast in German and Russian made on Div front.


1500 - 3 Br Div reached ring contour 0370 with 185 Bde sp by 33 Armd Bde.


1730 - Intercept.  Roads ST GERMAIN - CAEN and BRETTEVILLE - CAEN choked with enemy tpt withdrawing through CAEN.  Arty called on for Victor targets.  FRANCEVILLE reported captured and our fwd recce elements in ST GERMAIN.


9th July 1944

0530 - Sitrep 1 Corps front.  3 Cdn Div FRANQUEVILLE 9770 - ARDENNES 9970 - CUSSY 9970 - Inns of Courts Regt WESTERN outskirts ST GERMAIN - 59 Div ST CONTEST 0072 - EPRON 0372 - 3 Br Div ring contour 0370 - Br SE of HEROUVILLE.


1000 - 4 SS Bde report slight bombing of Bde area during night and rocket projectiles on 46 and 48 Cdo areas - no cas.


1800 - CAEN reported to have fallen.


10th July 1944

0320 - Fairly hy mortaring of brs area from bearing 200 degrees.


1210 - ME 109 shot down in Div area.


1706 - From 1 Corps.  Details of relief of 3 Br Inf Div by 3 Cdn Div.


1730 - Raid carried out by 7 Para Bn on farmhouse on their front.


1800 - 225 Para Fd Amb and 1 RUR areas hvy shelled and mortared - a number of cas.


2100 - 12 DEVON moved to BAS de RANVILLE and placed under comd 154 Inf Bde - 12 Para Bn moved into CHAU DE BENOUVILLE area for trg.


11th July 1944

1000 - 51 Div attack launched at 0130 hrs encountered hy opposition in area NORTH of COLUMBELLES - attack unsuccessful and tps withdrew to original posns.


1819 - 12 DEVON relief in progress.


1935 - Message from 51 Div - Relief of 12 DEVON postponed till daylight 12 July.


12th July 1944

0215 - Relief of 3 Br Div by 3 Cdn Div reported complete.


0705 - 6 Airldg Bde. claim plane shot down 130736.  Guard put over a/c.


0915 - 6 Bde. patrep night 11/12.  No enemy at Bugle Corner.  Enemy in posn Stickies Corner to Triangle Wood sniper posn est in tree observing enemy sniper posn up another tree.  Both posns reach by ladder.  "Battle of the Ladders" due to start today.  6 Bde sitrep.  12 DEVON being relieved in RANVILLE by 5 BW 1300 hrs returning to area 137741.  HF with PIAT, 2" Mor MMG and 6 pr HE will be continued on fwd enemy posns all day.


2250 -  Bomb dropped in vicinity of river bank.


13th July 1944

0930 - 1 SS.  Sitrep to 130900.  Quiet night on Bde front.  No usual air activity at dawn.


0940 - 4 SS.  Sitrep 122030-120800.  e/activity nil except for active counter bty fire.  e/a overhead but no bombs dropped.  Ambush and fighting patrols area Gde Ferme no contact.  Recce patrol 138772 clashed.  Own cas 1 killed 2 wounded.  1 offr wounded by booby traps.


0955 - 5 Bde.  Sitrep 130800.  e/activity during night confined to slight mortaring and shelling.  0400 and 0440 sharp mortar and shelling attack.  Suspected SP gun on rd Le Mesnil - Le Prieure.  Other patrols little to report.


1915 - GOC at 1 SS Bde.


1930 - Intense HAA EVRECY at 1535 hrs.  F/Bombers attacked bldgs at ESQUAY 9461.  Many hits.


2235 - E/A over Div area engaged by Lt AA.


14th July 1944

0820 - Flying bomb passed over Div area, flying NW-SE.


1030 - 5 Bde report CHARLES FM 143730 rec 5 direct hits 81 cm mor. no cas.  Two polish deserters entered lines early this morning, two others crossed 8 Bn lines at 0720 hrs.  1 SS Bde report little enemy activity during night LE PLEIN and BREVILLE shelled.


1440 - Ten ME 109s over Div HQ area delivered ground strafing attack on Br area.  Three shot down by AA.


2135 - Personal message for all ranks from C-in-C.


1230 [15th July?] - 4 SS Bde report Br plane crashed 104762.  Pilot baled out and landed E side of R ORNE.  Party sent to help pilot.  Enemy fired on pilot who was ultimately rescued slightly wounded.


16th July 1944

0010 - 6 Airldg Bde report 3 explosions probably demolitions 146733.


0130 - 1 Corps report 15 Div captured ESQUAY and LE BON [REPOS?] 9461 by 2300 15 Jul.


0830 - 4 SS report considerable enemy flares along FDLs during night 15/16.  Patrols report 2 gps enemy 75mm guns each of about 4 guns close to FDLs approx 143768 and 146766.


0930 - 5 Para Bde report laying delay action incendiary charges in orchard 145733 due to fire at 1400 hrs.  These exploded on time but no fires started.


1200 - Visit of Gen Montgomery, who distributed ribbon of decorations for immediate awards at 1330 hrs.


2255 - Eac dropped 2 bombs Div area.  Further bombs 2305 hrs.


2315 - RA report that there are definite signs now of control of enemy arty on our front.


17th July 1944

0930 - Normal patrolling on Div front during night.  1 SS Bde report enemy shelling and mor and 3 bombs dropped N of posn.


1800 - 12 DEVON placed under comd 5 Para Bde in present location.


18th July 1944

0110 - Order from army.  No lt or HAA to be fired from posns more than 5000yds in rear of fwd posns by daylight.  This does not apply to ORNE br defs.  There will be n[o?] more unseen fire by night.


0545 - Attack by 1100 RAF hy night bombers began on areas COLOMBELLES - TOUFFREVILLE - SANNERVILLE and lasted 0625hrs.


0700 - Attack by 600 RAF med bombers began on area DEMOUVILLE - GIBERVILLE - SANNERVILLE and lasted till 0745hrs.


0745 - H hr for attacks by 3 Cdn Div - 11 Armd Div and 3 Br Div.


1000 - Attacking fwd tps known to have reached line COLOMBELLES - LE MESNIL FREMENTEL SANNERVILLE TOUFFREVILLE.


1006 - 6 Airldg Bde report own patrols and snipers very active last night.  Several enemy hit.  Lt Regt did good shoot on enemy mor posns cries of pain heard.


1130 - Armd Recce Regt put at one hr notice to move in sp any of the fwd beis [bns?] if enemy shows signs of withdrawal.


1400 - 3 Div report 152 Bde cleaned up rd triangle at 1370 and mvg on to next objective.


1540 - 1 Corps state TOWER Br to be ready by 1800hrs  3 Div  Pro advised recce, Fd Regt 51 Div and 153 Bde will be crossing starting 2000hrs.  Carried out without hitch in spite of enemy bombing at 2300hrs.


1605 - 12 Dev reported moving to 152 Bde area to relieve 2 Seaforths.


19th July 1944

0012 - 1 SS Bde report three vehs on fire as result of bombing.  5 minor cas.


0605 - Shells landing in area OUISTREHAM.


1550 - ASSU reports weather conditions still prevent flying.


0930 - Patrol reports night 18/19 NTR.  Little enemy activity throughout night.  Enemy bombed own FDLs in front of 6 A/L Bde's front.  Some slight shelling.


1030 - Corps Comd visited Div HQ.


1100 - 1 Corps reported details of state of brs over R.DIVES after yesterday's bomber attacks.


1115 - 153 Bde reported in posn area RANVILLE - LE MARIQUET.  HQ 51 Div opened at 1000 hrs 107735.


2135 - 6 A/L Bde report two enemy snipers shot during day.


2145 - 5 Para Bde report 2 Polish deserters from 8/858 Regt crossed their lines at 0900 hrs.


2345 - A quiet day on the whole with slight mortaring and shelling of some areas.  Weather fine with some clouds towards evening.


20th July 1944

0015 - Enemy a/c over Div area engaged by AA.  Few bombs dropped.  No cas or damage.


0835 - Lightning a/c circled Div HQ area three times at low height and eventually crashed in area 1077 and blew up with loud explosion.  Weather very misty.


1000 - Patrols report nothing new.  Propaganda talk 5 Para Bde made during night at 0205 hrs.


1210 - Successful shoot by own arty on enemy FDLs at 147747 - 148729.


2230 - Victor Target shoot on BAVENT.


2359 - Weather report - Fine morning and early afternoon.  Very heavy rain started at 1700 hrs and continued most of the evening.


21st July 1944

0800 - Very quiet night - no a/c over area throughout night and very little shelling.


0925 - Sitreps from Bde.


0930 - Sigs jeep blown up at 134716 while repairing lines comn.  No cas.


1200 - Successful shoot on enemy FDLs at 147747 - 148749 observed by FOO.  Own arty carried out this shoot.


2145 - Reliefs carried out during day as follows:- 1 Cdn and 9 Para Bns relieved 12 DEVON area 139715.  12 DEVON relieved RUR area 139730, RUR relieved 12 Para Bn area 130740, 12 Para Bn now in area ECARDE, 7 Para Bn relieved 8 Para Bn area 142722, 8 Para Bn now in area ECARDE.  All reliefs carried out without incident.  3 Para Bde HQ now at 134715.  Corps infm


2345 - Weather during day wet and thundery.  Very low cloud.  No aerial activity either side.


22nd July 1944

0035 - E/A over Div area.  Two bombs dropped - no cas.  Corps infm.


0825 - ME 109 crashed area HEROUVILLETTE.  Pilot baled out.  A/c destroyed by AA.


0920 - Sitreps from Bdes.  See Log attached.


1210 - 1 Corps allotted ASSU tentacle to Div to replace one taken away for Op. "GOODWOOD".


2300 - E/A over Div area from 2250 to 2300 hrs.  Bombs dropped in area OUISTREHAM.  Corps infm.


23rd July 1944

0015 - E/A over Div area.


0450 - Message from 1 Corps advising move into Div area of 49 Div.  Certain routes to be closed W.E.F. 0200 hrs 24 July.


0605 - Escaped barrage balloon flying SOUTH over 5 Para Bde area.  Engaged by LAA.


1000 - Patrols reports nil.  One deserter from 6 Coy 2/857.  Sit generally quiet throughout night.


1430 - Corps conference held at Div HQ to discuss future moves.  Present: Corps Comd, GOC's 3 Br Div, 51 (H) Div, 6 Airborne Div.


1937 - C 47 A/c seen flying very low with wheels down in direction enemy lines VARAVILLE.  Same a/c returned 15 mins later apparently undamaged.  Corps infm.  A/c apparently lost and looking for landing strip.


2200 - Bdes report very little activity all sectors.  46 Cdo relieved 47 Cdo in centre fwd posn at 1800 B.  See Log.


2246 - E/A over Div area.  One bomb dropped.


2300 - 3 Bde report E/A m/gunned their HQ.  No cas.


2345 - Weather cleared during day.  Very slight rain.  Sit generally quiet throughout day.


24th July 1944

0040 - E/A over Div area.  No bombs dropped.


0245 - Large numbers propaganda leaflets dropped on Div area presumably by own a/c.


1000 - Patrols report nothing unusual during night.


1100 - Harassing fire on enemy L of C from R.DIVES to FDL's carried out during night.  Believed effective.


1110 - Deserter came into 1 SS Bde's lines from 6 Coy 2/857 Regt.  Poor type with infm of use.  Full interrogation report in Int Sum.


2200 - Sitreps NTR.  12 Para Bn relieved 13 Para Bn during day.  13 Para Bn now in rest area ECARDE.


2245 - E/A over Div area.  Few bombs dropped no cas.


2300 - Large numbers heavy bombers flying SOUTH over Div HQ.  Unrecognisable due to height but presumed friendly.  No bombs dropped.


25th July 1944

0800 - E/A over Div area between 0100 and 0130 hrs.  Some bombs dropped and some areas machine gunned.  Few cas.  Sit generally quiet throughout night.  Patrols active but NTR.


2300 - A quiet day.  Some occasional shelling and mortaring in Div area.  No cas reported.


2345 - E/A over Div area engaged by own AA.


26th July 1944

0130 - Airtps informed that a C 47 has been found burnt out, and some F Type helmets lying about.  Believed to be one of the 8 Para Bn a/c from 'D' Day.  No number recognisable.


1015 - Quiet night.  Patrols NTR.  6 A/L Bde report considerable sniping success during yesterday scoring 12 certain and 6 possible hits.  HF carried out by own arty on rds leading WEST of R.DIVES.  This is considered to be effective means OF DISORGANISING ENEMY supplies when carried out both day and night.


1045 - 150 Fd Regt relieved by 191 Fd Regt at 100 hrs.


1200 - Maj Gen Laurie, GOC 51 (H) Div visited this HQ.


2200 - Sit quiet all day.  Slight mortaring and shelling on some Bde areas.


27th July 1944

0135 - E/A overhead dropped number of bombs.  One a/c crashed behind enemy FDL's.   Both HE and A/P bombs caused some cas and damage.


1000 - Slight activity during night.  Patrols had NTR other than confirmation of some enemy posns.  Slight mortar and shell fire on some posns.


1300 - W/Comd Strange and party of 46 Gp pilots visited HQ and then went to try and identify crashed C 47 at COLOMBELLES.


1400 - Crashed C 47 identified as one of 8 Para Bn.  46 Gp will try and trace.


2115 - RA report enemy balloon (believed captive) at E of 135714.  Air 1 Corps asked to shoot it down.  Considered to be [HRT?] balloon.


2200 - Another quiet day, practically no mortaring or shelling in Div area.  Lucky shell hit York br, but caused only slight damage.  Br out of action for two hrs only.  1 Corps infm.


2240 - E/A over Div area.  Few bombs dropped.  No cas.


28th July 1944

0004 - E/A over Div area.  No bombs dropped.


0230 - E/A over Div area.  No bombs dropped.


0855 - 40 [MET?] reported in BOIS de BAVENT being engaged by own arty.  Thought to be maintenance vehicles.


1800 - Quiet night with little shelling some areas.  Patrols NTR.  Snipers 6 A/L Bde scored 1 certain and 2 probable hits.  French civilian from Paris came into 4 SS Bde lines.  Being interrogated by FSO prior to being passed back to 1 Corps.


2247 - E/A over Div area and engaged by AA.


2250 - E/A dropped bomb on Div area.


29th July 1944

0025 - One Fd Regt of 51(H) Div placed in sp 6 Airborne Div.


0128, 0138 - E/A overhead lt AA fire - no bombs dropped.


2315 - Quiet day - slight increase in mortar and shelling activity.


30th July 1944

1010 - GOC visited 1 SS Bde.


1200 - 6 Airborne Div assumed responsibility for def of OUISTREHAM area with primary purpose of preventing damage to lock gates and entrance to CAEN Canal 118788 by enemy ground or airtps.  1 BUCKS now deployed for this purpose under comd L of C, come under comd 6 Airborne Div for ops but remain under 1 Corps for adm.


31st July 1944

0015 - LO's sent to Bdes with details of change of plan and posns.


0030 - BM's less BM of 4 SS Bde ordered to meet GSO 1 at HQ 6 Airldg Bde at 0115 hrs.


0838 - 2 OXF BUCKS relieved 4 and 6 Cdos.


0915 - GOC met comd 5 Bde at RANVILLE church.


1030 - GOC with 12 Para Bn.


1420 - One Fd Regt will be crossing into area 1171 at 0500 hrs 1 Aug 44 (See serial 277).


1511 - GOC at 3 Para Bde which is being shelled: counter bombardment being put down.


1515 - Relief of 154 Bde by 3 Para Bde completed.


1600 - 247 A tk Bty to move tomorrow from GAZELLE to EAST of R ORNE coming under comd 49 Div.  Quiet day.



Month and year: August 1944

Commanding Officer : Maj Gen R.N. Gale, CBE, MC


1st August 1944

1410 - 1 SS Bde relief of 5 Para Bde complete.


1500 - GOC at 123779.


1515 - GOC at mile 150 from last posn.


1545 - GOC returning.


1630 - Responsibility for LONDON brs to be assumed by 49 Div.


1750 - RA conc HF being repeated this evening.


2132 - Airtps unable to despatch sandbags today.  Quiet day.


2nd August 1944

0100 - Eight shell/mortar bombs fell on Div area.


0215 - E/A over Div HQ engaged by AA.  No bombs dropped.


0245 - A/C overhead.


0420 - YELLOW flares over OUISTREHAM and enemy AA in that direction.


0440 - 1 Cdn Para Bn took 3 NCO prisoners.  From infm given RA will shell enemy at breakfast 0600 hrs.


1745 - Large force medium bombers passed - direction TROARN.


3rd August 1944

1230 - PW (Naval officer) in cage being interrogated.


2005 - Request particularly careful look-out for further enemy naval personnel or torpedoes during night.


2130 - Slight increase in mortar fire and shelling to-day.


4th August 1944

0015 - E/A overhead.


0120 - Broadcast put over to enemy on 3 Para Bde front.  Quiet day.


5th August 1944

0125 - RALO reports tks heard warming up in BURES.


0215 - VICTOR targets on BURES.


2350 - Quiet day - patrols active.


6th August 1944

1000 - Enemy patrols very active last night on 4 SS Bde front.


1300 - GOC at 146 Bde.


1820 - 6 Airborne Armd Recce Regt tps now withdrawn from area EUSTON br.


7th August 1944

0300 - 8 - 10 shells land Div HQ area.


0900 - GOC going to 3 Para Bde.


1155 - Relief of 3 Para Bde by 5 Para Bde complete.


1345 - 6 or 7 shells landed X-rds 200 yds EAST of Div HQ.


8th August 1944

0830 - Shells dropping EAST of Div HQ.


2335 - Sounds of enemy activity during evening especially MT.


9th August 1944

0002 - AA fire Div HQ.


0840 - Belgian Bde at PLUMETOT 042793.


1040 - GOC at 4 SS Bde.


1603 - GOC at Rest Camp.


2145 - Maj Gen LAYCOCK (Chief of Combined ops) visited Div HQ.


10th August 1944

1500 - 2 Liaison recce party arrives this HQ.  1 Belgian Gp, 1 Netherlands Bde comd under comd.


2240 - Plane shot down over OUISTREHAM - 5 Para Bde dealing with blaze.  9 cas 5 missing.


11th August 1944

1345 - 1 Belgian Gp est RANVILLE.


12th August 1944

1323 - 1 R Netherlands in line - both Belgian and Dutch Bdes under comd 6 Airldg Bde.


1730 - 48 Cdo reverts comd 4 SS Bde and takes over 46 Cdo posns.  Sqn AARR reverts comd Div.


2300 - 3 Para Bde Comd went up in air OP to-day.


13th August 1944

0930 - 1 BUCKS comes under comd 6 Airborne Division.


1300 - 5 Para Bde relieved and line taken over by 6 Airldg Bde plus Belgian and Dutch Bdes.


1600 - Col De Brockert called to arrange details of visit of Prince Bernhard.


2215 - Visit of Prince Bernhard CANCELLED.


14th August 1944

0600 - 247/62 A Tk passed into Corps reserve.


1435 - GOC arrived 1 Corps.


2030 - GOC and GSO 1 recce OUISTREHAM lock gates for defence.


2120 - GOC at 5 Para Bde gave verbal orders for def of OUISTREHAM lock gates.


2355 - 3 E/A flew very low over Div HQ - engaged by LAA fire.


2358 - Bombs dropped in Div area.


15th August 1944

0645 - Shells from 21 cm rocket projector land near Div HQ.


1045 - GOC at 2 Liaison HQ.


1115 - 49 Div report possibility that enemy on their front are pulling out.  Bdes infm.


1800 - 1 Corps agree proposals def lock gates OUISTREHAM but not agreed by Army - 5 Para Bde infm.


1805 - 49 Div state they consider enemy is withdrawing.


2250 - Civilian evacuation of SALLENELLES proceeding - G(Int) infm.


16th August 1944

0005 - E/A overhead - engaged by AA.


1100 - AARR put at one hrs notice to move.


1150 - 4 SS Bde extend front SOUTH.


1400 - AARR ordered to move to take over 10 DLI front area ENTREVILLE - CULLERVILLE.


1430 - 6 Airldg Bde and 4 SS Bde report enemy still there but very quiet and possibly thinning out.


1500 - 3 Para Bde put at 5 hrs notice for 'PADDLE'.


2008 - PW with 4 SS Bde states that 346 Div is withdrawing across TROARN brs at 2000 hrs.


2038 - Infm 3 Para Bde of above report (2008 hrs) and told them to be at good deal less than 5 hrs notice; not considered necessary to be at immediate notice.


2045 - Infm 6 Airldg Bde of 2008 hrs message and asked how soon can they be at 1 hrs notice.  Answer: at 30 mins notice within half hour.


2124 - 6 Airldg Bde on immediate notice now.  GOC on way to visit them.  RUR to come this side of br now, fully prepared to 'PADDLE'.


2129 - 1 SS Bde - to be at immediate notice now.


2133 - 3 Para Bde - to be at immediate notice now.


2139 - GOC at 6 Airldg Bde.


2206 - GOC at 1 SS Bde.


2221 - LO from 6 Airldg Bde reports that RUR will not be ordered to move before 0500 hrs 17 Aug.


17th August 1944

0014 - 6 Airldg Bde report all quiet now except on the LEFT flank of 3 Belg Indep Coy.


0035 - RA infm that Belg Bde have called for DF 401 which is being done.


0037 - 6 Airldg Bde report all quiet now on Belg front.


0050 - GOC requires report on front of 6 Airldg Bde, 1 SS Bde, and 3 Para Bde at 0500 hrs.


0055 - Bdes ordered to send in reports by 0445 hrs.


0052 - 4 SS Bde report patrols find known enemy FDLs empty 153669, 155669, and 155677 - 157687 along line of track to PICCADILLY CIRCUS.


0100 - 3 Para Bde report deserter has come in and says the enemy are moving back 12 miles the other side of the marshes.  PW being sent down forthwith.


0220 - 3 Para Bde: in view of infm from RIGHT flank we consider that we have a screen in front.  'PADDLE' op will begin at 0300 hrs.  If Phase I proves sticky will not continue with Phases II and III.


0225 - RA 1 SS Bde and 6 Airldg Bde infm.


0250 - 6 Airldg Bde - enemy activity unchanged - we are patrolling more actively.


0255 - To 3 Para Bde: PW states enemy withdrawn from 136691 to 152699.  At 2200 hrs they were packing up for withdrawal.


0300 - To 1 SS Bde: Infm from PW ref para of 'PADDLE' orders - enemy departed at 2200 hrs.  To 1 SS Bde report no change of enemy on their front - no action proposed until daylight.  Op 'PADDLE' commenced by 3 Para Bde.


0530 - Mopping up of BURES commenced by 8 Para Bn.


0610 - 3 Para Bde heading for 'LARCH' - going well.


0635 - 3 Para Bde reached 'WINCH'.


0640 - 1 SS Bde 'PADDLE' commenced.


0650 - 4 SS Bde.  Patrols moving fwd to TROARN starting first light.


0655 - SITREP to 1 Corps.


0656 - GOC with 12 DEVON.


0711 - GOC infm of sit.


0720 - 1 SS Bde advancing.  Delayed by booby traps which take time to clear.


0750 - GOC at 1 SS Bde.


0810 - GOC has put 5 Bde at 1 hrs notice.


0855 - 1 SS Bde message.  Fwd lines from ASH.  Still no opposition.


0900 - AARR - report recce patrols fwd 157632 and 155653 and 151677 - no opposition.


0910 - 1 Corps - infm of posn.


0915 - Orders - AARR to move to area br RAMEE 176644.


0920 - 4 SS Bde entered TROARN and ST PAIR 161663 at 0905 hrs.  No opposition either place - pushing EAST from TROARN and staying ST PAIR.


0925 - AARR.  Warning Order: AARR will move to area 176645 - GSO1 on way to see OC and give fuller orders.


1050 - RA.  3 Para Bde in BASSENVILLE.  6 Airldg Bde.  2 OXF BUCKS at 159741.  1 Belg Gp held up by craters at 138765 - expect to be on move 1040 hrs.  Mines being removed on LEFT axis of adv.  G(Air) Flash. U.2073, 2 small brs.  1 SS Bde.  Axis rd now clear to within 400 yds of line 'FILE'.  3 Para Bde.  Intercept to 6 Airldg Bde.  Br at 172679 (ST SAINSON) is a major repair job.


1143 - 4 SS Bde.  RIGHT front below ST PAIR 8 PW, 2 wounded taken, centre occupied JAVILLE 187658 at 1115.  2 tps in TROARN.  Tac infm.


1220 - C in C's 1 Cdn Army message read to GSO.1.  Being copied and sent down to all Comds down to bns.  Infm GSO 1 of posn OUISTREHAM and will receive instrs later.


1515 - 1 Corps given sitrep.


1400 - 5 Para Bde relieved by 1 Indep Coy of 1 Belgian Gp of def of lock gates at OUISTREHAM.


1513 - 5 Para Bde outlying coy rejoined parent fmn.


18th August 1944

0230 - E/A overhead - AA fire - no bombs.


0620 - 1 Corps sitrep.  No change 6 Airborne posns since midnight.  Infm of our future intentions.


1255 - GOC with 1 SS Bde.


1325 - GOC at 3 Para Bde.


1412 - GOC at 1 SS Bde.


19th August 1944

0100 - A/C overhead.  AA fire to NORTH.


20th August 1944

0845 - GOC holding conference for heads of staff and services at 1000 hrs.


1225 - GOC at 5 Para Bde.


1245 - GOC returning.


1530 - One bty 65 Med Regt under comd 6 Airborne forthwith, reps report HQ 6 Airborne Div as soon as possible.  RA infm.


2000 - 1 SS Bde area PADDINGTON almost in our hands, also engaging 255775.  3 Para Bde.  Codeword for commencement op is 'BADGER'.


21st August 1944

0925 - 3 Para Bde.  BADGER.


1050 - GOC at 3 Bde.


2315 - E/A flying low dropping flares in area.  A/Q Rear Div HQ closes location and opens 188691 1530 hrs.


22nd August 1944

1015 - Div HQ move to area 307745.


1715 - GOC at 5 Bde HQ.


2025 - HQ Div arrived location 449038.


23rd August 1944

0935 - 1 Corps Comd visited Div HQ


1015 - GOC's Conference of Comds and heads of services.


1225 - GOC at 5 Bde.


1240 - Visit of HRH Prince BERNHARD of the NETHERLANDS.


1330 - GOC returned and met HRH Prince BERNHARD of the NETHERLANDS.


1505 - GOC at 6 Airldg Bde.


1510 - GOC returning.


24th August 1944

0430 - 1 Corps.  1 Indep Coy R N'lands Bde will come temporarily under comd L of C for defence of OUISTREHAM area forthwith.  L of C arranging relief for this coy as early as possible.  Revert 6 Airborne Div on relief by L of C.  L of C takes over responsibility for defence Lock Gates OUISTREHAM forthwith.  Boundary adjustments will be notified.


1043 - GOC at 6 Airldg Bde.


1212 - GOC returned.


1240 - Summary of verbal orders issued by GOC.  6 Airldg Bde and Belgians area GOBIN.  3 Bde area area ST GATIEN.  Inf cross existing ferry at TOUQUES 4710.  Wheels same route if makeshift br can be repaired.  3 Bde debus pt at sq 4409.  5 Bde cross on foot to area BENOIT D'HEBARTOT 5907.  Dutch under comd 5 Bde.  1 SS Bde three hrs notice.  4 SS Bde 4 hrs notice.  Class 9 Br PONT L'EVEQUE by 1600 hrs as main route.  Priorities over br (i) Armd Recce Regt (ii) 5 Bde and Dutch.  Traffic posts to be set up on WEST end of br with sig comns with A Comd net.  Gin Palace or white scout car necessary.


1435 - Verbal Sitrep passed to Corps.


1655 - GOC orders all 5 Para Bde wheels get going now.


1735 - GOC with Comd 5 Para Bde.


1900 - GOC returned.


25th August 1944

1420 - Div HQ now located TONNETOIT  598077.


1730 - GOC at 6 Airldg Bde.


1952 - GOC returned.


26th August 1944

0605 - Orders to 3 Para Bde.  Clean up BEUZEVILLE forthwith.  5 Para Bde due to pass through you.


1032 - 1 Corps.  Infmd we are in BEUVILLE sur MER and PONT AUDEMER all brs blown.


1035 - 1 Corps.  Personal - SUNRAY to SUNRAY - Firmly est in PONT AUDEMER and on whole coast to NORTH.  Tps tired out.


1135 - 1 Corps orders 6 Airborne Div to withdraw from town and hand over to 49 Div who are there now.


1215 - 1 Corps orders fwd tps may remain in PONT AUDEMER because they are tired.  It must be appreciated that 49 Div tps are also there.


1500 - To 1 Corps.  Understand our orders to remain WEST of RISLE.  Remaining WEST of RISLE.  Confirmed.


1515 - 1 Corps.  191 and 150 Fd Regts come under comd Corps Reserve forthwith - they will be at one hours notice to move.  RA infmd.


27th August 1944

1050 - GOC at new location 505068.


1430 - Div HQ arrives location ST MARTIN AUX CHARTRAMS 505068.


28th August 1944

0900 - Belgian Bde and Dutch Bde withdrawing from under comd 6 Airborne Div and placed under comd 49 Div.


29th August 1944

Nothing to report.


30th August 1944

1400 - Div withdrawn from 1 Corps res and placed in 21 Army Gp res.


31st August 1944

Nothing to report.



Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Maj Gen R.N. Gale, CBE, MC


1st September 1944

Place: St. Martins aux Chartres (FRANCE)


Arrangements completed for move to U.K.  1. 6 Airldg Bde moved 1 Sep.  2. 5 Para Bde and Div HQ 2 Sep.  3. 3 Para Bde 4 Sep.  Final rear party to return to U.K. on 9 Sep.


2nd September 1944

Div HQ moved with 5 Para Bde to Transit Camp.


3rd September 1944

Embarked by LST and LSI.


4th September 1944

En route to U.K.


5th September 1944

Place: Bulford


Dis-embarked Southampton and proceeded direct to Bulford.


6th to 7th September 1944



8th to 23rd September 1944

Div on leave.







6 AB/119/G(Ops)

17 May 44




Reference Maps FRANCE 1/100,000 Sheet 7/F

                          FRANCE 1/15,000 Sheets 40/16 NE, SE, SW, NW, Sheets 40/18, SE, SW.



1.  Enemy  See Summary of Information No.1.

2.  Own Tps

        (a) The FIRST US ARMY is operating on the RIGHT of the SECOND BRITISH ARMY.

        (b) The SECOND BRITISH ARMY is assaulting through beaches between incl PORT EN BESSIN 7587 and excluding mouth R ORNE with RIGHT 30 Corps, LEFT 1 Corps with under comd 6 Airborne Div and 1 and 4 SS Bdes, with the object of capturing position on general line BAYEUX 7809 - CAEN 0368 by the evening of D Day.  It is considered that the rate of build up will not permit any general advance beyond road BAYEUX - CAEN before D+3/4.

        (c) Every effort is being made to delay movement of enemy reserves by air bombing, and resistance groups.

        (d) 1 Corps is to assault the beaches between GRAYE-SUR-MER 9584, and OUISTREHAM 1179, and is [to] advance and secure on D day a covering position on the general line PUTOT-EN-BESSIN 9072 - CAEN - thence R ORNE to the sea preparatory to [?] advance subsequently SOUTH and SE to secure a bridgehead on general line ST MARC D'OUILLY 9834 - FALAISE 1435 - A[?] 1761 - DIVES-SUR-MER 2279.

3.  Flank Formation.  3 Brit Inf Division is operating on 6 Airborne Div RIGHT flank.  Details see Appx 'A'.

4.  Additional Troops.  1 SS Bde (less one Commando) comes under comd 6 Airborne Division after crossing road junction 111785 - COLLEVILLE SUR ORNE 0878 - CRESSERONS 0480.



5.  6 Airborne Division, with 1 SS Bde (less one Commando) under command will protect the LEFT flank of 1 Corps by denying to the enemy the use of the area between the Rs ORNE and DIVES, NORTH of the road TROARN 1667 - SANNERVILLE 1367 - COLOMBELLES 0779.  6 Airborne Division will also attack and delay enemy reserves and reinforcements attempting to move towards CAEN from the EAST and SE.



6.  Summary.

        5 Para Bde Group will land night D-1/D in area NORTH of RANVILLE and operate in area of BENOUVILLE - RANVILLE.

        3 Para Bde Group will land night D-1/D NORTH and SW of BOIS DE BAVENT and operate on the line TROARN - VARAVILLE - Bty 153776.

        6 Airborne Div HQ will land night D-1/D NORTH of RANVILLE.

        1 SS Bde (less one Commando) will land on the 3 British Infantry Division beaches and op in the coastal belt between OUISTREHAM and CABOURG under command 6 Airborne Division.

        6 Airldg Bde (less one bn), 6 Airborne Division Armoured Reconnaissance Regt, and 211 Airldg Light Bty RA will land evening of D Day and operate to SOUTH of RANVILLE.

        Certain additional troops will come in by sea between D and D+7.

        Aircraft and airfield allocation see Appendix 'B'.

        Order of Battle see Appendix 'C'.

7.  Definition.

        Since H hour is variable all timings relating to operations immediately connected with the airborne troops operations are expressed as plus or minus Civil Twilight (abbreviation P hour).  H hr is the hour at which the seaborne assault lands.

8.  5 Para Bde Group

        Comd Brigadier JHN Poett

        Troops 5 Para Bde with under command

                4 A Tk Battery RA (less one sec)

                Detachment 2 OXF BUCKS

                591 Para Sqn (less one troop)

                Detachment 286 Field Park Coy RE

                225 Para Field Ambulance


        (a) Seize the crossing over the R ORNE and CANAL at BENOUVILLE 098748 and RANVILLE 104746.

        (b) Secure and hold area BENOUVILLE 0970 - RANVILLE 104746 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE 105735.

        (c) Capture the bty at 107765.

        (d) Clear and protect Landing Zones as under:

                68 gliders Land Zone N by P-2 hours

                146 gliders Landing Zone N by evening D Day.

        See appendix 'D' for instruction issued to Commander 5 Para Bde Group.

9.  Timings and Dropping Zones.  Details see Appendix 'B.1'.



Dropping Zone or Landing Zone



Bridge Assault Party


Advance Parties

X and Y




) P - 5 hours



Main body including

RASC, REME, etc,

parachute elements




P - 4 hours 30 minutes



Divisional Headquarters

4 A Tk Bty less one sec

RE Br and Clearing Eqpt




P - 2 hours


10.  3 Para Bde Group

        Commander Brigadier JSL HILL, DSO, MC

        Troops 3 Para Bde with under command

                Section 4 A Tk Bty RA

                3 Para Sqn RE

                One troop 591 Para Sqn RE

                224 Para Fd Amb


        (a) Capture the enemy battery at 155776 by P - 30 minutes and destroy the equipment.

        (b) Demolish the bridges at TROARN 177680 - BURES 1770 - ROBBEHOMME 1972 - VARAVILLE 1875 by H + 2 hours.

        (c) Deny the enemy the use of the roads,

                (i) TROARN - SANNERVILLE 1367

                (ii) TROARN - ESCONVILLE 1271

                (iii) ROBEHOMME - LE MESNIL 1372

                (iv) VARAVILLE - LE MESNIL

                (v) MERVILLE  FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 163779 - BREVILLE 1374.

                (vi) FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 1578 - SALLENTELLES 1377

        (d) On relief 1 SS Bde hold area BOIS DE BAVENT - TROARN and be responsible for patrols as far NORTH as the line corner of wood 167738 - road and track junc 159740 - including ST COME 139740 - corner of wood 123745.

        See Appendix E for Instruction issued to Commander 3 Para Bde Group.

11.  Timings and Dropping Zones.  Details see Appendix 'B2'


Dropping Zone or Landing Zone


Pathfinders and

Protective element

V and K

P - 5 hour

Para Glider Elements

V and K

P - 4 hours 33 minutes

Main Body 3 Para Bde

V and K

P - 4 hours 30 minutes

Battery Coup de Main

Battery 155776

P - 50 minutes (not confirmed)

12.  1 SS Bde

        (a) 1 SS Bde (less No.4 Commando) will come under command 6 Airborne Division on crossing line of the road OUISTREHAM - COLLEVILLE-SUR-ORNE 0878 - CRESSERONE 0480 at approximately H + 3 hours.

        (b) 1 SS Bde (less No.4 Commando) will pass through 5 Para Bde and 3 Para Bde and subsequently mop up the coastal area FRANCEVILLE - CABOURG 2180 - VARAVILLE.

        (c) No.4 Commando, 1 SS Bde, which is allotted to 3 British Infantry Division for tasks in OUISTREHAM, will revert to command 1 SS Bde as soon as these are completed.

        (d) 1 SS Bde will be responsible for patrols to the NORTH of line corner of wood 167738 - road and track junction 159740 - excluding ST COME 139740 - corner of wood 123745.  SOUTH of line will be responsibility of 3 Para Bde.

        See Appendix F for Instruction issued to Command 1 SS Bde.

13.  6 Airldg Bde Group.

        Commander Brigadier Hon HKM KINDERSLEY, MBE MC

        Troops HQ 6 Airldg Bde

                2 OXF BUCKS

                1 RUR

                One Bn 5 Para Bde until arrival of 12 Devon (less one coy) by sea D + 1

                3 A Tk Bty

                4 A Tk Battery



14.  Timings and Dropping Zones.  Details see Appendix 'B3'


Dropping Zone or Landing Zone



Airborne Armd Recce Regt

One tp 3 Airldg A Tk Bty RA

HQ 6 Airldg Bde

Adm Transport

)                      N



2100 hours D Day

2 OXF BUCKS (less one Coy)

195 Airldg Fd Amb

Coy 12 DEVON

211 Airldg Light Bty



)                      W




2100 hours D Day

        Landing strips W (Strips E & F) are being prepared by 263 Fd Coy (3 Brit Inf Div).  Units landing on LZ "W" remain at their LZ RVs until called fwd by the bridge control post.

15.  Re-organization on arrival

        6 Airldg Bde will be prepared to carry out its task immediately on arrival.  Should its objective be strongly held by the enemy the brigade will concentrate as under

                Bn area 105735

                Bn area 113746

        See Appendix 'G' for instructions issued to Commander 6 Airldg Bde.

16.  Armd Recce Group

        Commander  Col RG PARKER.

        Troops Airborne Armd Recce Regt

                211 Lt Bty

                One Coy 12 DEVON

                One Troop 3 A Tk Bty (By sea)

17.  Timings and Landing Zones  Details see Appendix 'B3'


Landing Zone


Armd Recce Regt

One tp 3 Airldg A Tk Bty RA

Coy 12 DEVON

211 Lt Bty







) evening D Day


        on landing concentrate in area NORTH EAST of wood 124732 and be prepared to carry out tasks to the SOUTH of the Divisional position by 0300 hours D + 1 day.  Group will be responsible for its own protection in this area and will contact 5 and 3 Para Bdes.  If practicable 20 jeeps will be made available by 0300 hours D + 1 day for transport.  These jeeps will be retained during attachment of Coy 12 DEVON to Armd Recce Group.  See Appendix H for instructions issued to Comd Armd Recce Regt.

18.  Artillery.

        (a) 3 Airldg A Tk Bty RA (less one troop)  In support of 6 Airborne Div from evening D Day.

        (b) 4 Airldg A Tk Bty RA (less one sec)  Under command of 5 Para Bde.

        (c) One sec 4 Airldg A Tk Bty RA  Under command of 3 Para Bde until capture of battery 155776.

        (d) 53 Airldg Lt Regt RA (less 211 Lt Bty)  Lands D + 7

        (e) 211 Lt Bty, 53 Airldg Lt Regt RA  Under command Armd Recce Group

        (f) One Troop 3 Airldg A Tk Bty  Under command Armd Recce Group

        (g) 3 British Inf Div Arty  At call for support of 6 Airborne Div from approximately H + 2 hours.

        (h) 4 AGRA  65 Medium Regt RA allotted in direct support of 6 Airborne Div from evening D Day.  Subsequently additional regts may be at call from D + 2 Day.

        (i) One cruiser and one destroyer  In support 3 Para Bde from first light D Day with cruiser primary task battery at 155776.

        (j) One cruiser and one destroyer  In support 5 Para Bde from first light D Day

        (k) Two-Four destroyers depending on availability  In support of SS Bde when that formation comes under command of 6 Airborne Division.

19.  Artillery support of SS Bde.

        The SS Bde is to receive the support of 3 Brit Inf Div artillery under arrangements to be made between commander SS Bde and CRA 3 Brit Inf Div Artillery, until the SS Bde comes under command 6 Airborne Div.  When SS Bde comes under command 6 Airborne Div, in addition to the support allotted under (k) above, artillery support from 3 Brit Inf Div Artillery and 4 AGRA will be allotted at call by 6 Airborne Div to the SS Bde provided that arcs of fire and range permit.  Paras (g) and (h) above refer.

        2 Airldg Lt AA Bty RA (det)  Special detachment for converting captured enemy artillery weapons to our use.

        RA 6 Airborne Div OO No.1 gives full details of above allotment.

20.  Allotment of Forward Observation Officers and Forward Officer Bombardment Parties.

        Forward Observation Officer and Forward Officer Bombardment parties allotted as under to enable calls fo[?] to be made:-

                By FOOs  To 3 Brit Inf Div Artillery and 4 AGRA.

                By FOBs  To allotted ships of the Royal Navy.






Div HQ

3 Para Bde

5 Para Bde

6 Airldg Bde

SS Bde

Para FOO






Airldg FOO












        Note: Ref para (e), x is an FOO Liaison Officer from 65 Med Regt RA.

21.  Anti-Aircraft

        (a) Aircraft will not be engaged unless they are [?] hostile act or their marking definitely establishes identity.

        (b) Fire will NOT be opened at hostile aircraft pursued by our fighters.

22.  Royal Engineers.

        Tasks in order of priority

                (a) Assist in assault 3 and 5 Para Bde on bridges.

                (b) Clear initial glider landing strips.

                (c) Demolition belt - including TROARN - incl[?] (See Appendix 'K').

                (d) Minefds as detailed in Appendix 'K', paras 2 and 3.

                (e) Recce and mark mines on roads within areas occupied by Bdes.

                (f) Recce and mark mines on following routes between Bde areas Bridge 105745 - RANVILLE 114735 - BREVILLE 133744 - road junction 140728.

                (g) Clear additional glider landing strips.

                (h) Reconnoitre sites for personnel, light vehicle and FBE ferries in vicinity of bridges and establish ferries.

23.  Command

        On completion of tasks (a) (b) and (c) RE units will revert to command CRE.  Even after reversion RE units and sub-units will still remain under command bn or infantry commander in whose area they are working for local defence.

24.  Clearance of minefds.

        Clearance of enemy minefields within bde areas will be by infantry on orders of bde commanders.  Clearance of enemy minefields outside bde areas on orders of Division.  Location of all minefields found will be reported to Div Headquarters.

25.  Policy for road blocks (including mining of roads) within Bde areas.

        In addition to the road mining shown in Appendix 'K2' roads may be blocked with temporary roads blocks within Bde areas.  Blocks on the following routes will be so arranged that traffic can easily pass after being examined.  This will be done by having a removable road block or a concealed diversion covered by an anti tank weapon.

        (a) Route I.  LE PORT 098754 - Bridge 099748 - road junction 108744 - RANVILLE 114735 - BREVILLE 133744 - road junction 140728.

        (b) Route II.  Road junction 140728 - road junction 133726 - road junction 133744 - road junction 112732 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE 106735 - road junction 106745.

        (c) Route III.  Road junction 109742 - SALLENELLES 132769 - LE PLEIN 129753 - road junction 128746 - BREVILLE 133744.

        (d) Route IV.  X rds 106736 - track junction 105732 - ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE.

        (e) Route V.  Road junction 121732 - road junction 120723 - ESCOVILLE.

                Routes IV and V will be required to enable 6 Airldg Bde to move into its position in the area LONGUEVAL - ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE - ESCOVILLE.

26.  Marking of Minefields Areas.

        Standard red and white gap signs will be used.  Cleared carriage ways of the roads will be marked by pairs of gap signs every 200 yards.  Cleared verges will be marked by notice boards at 400 yds, and gap signs moved out from carriage ways.  Verges will be cleared to 10ft width only.  RIGHT verges will be cleared in priority to left.

27.  22 Independent Para Company.

        (a) Tasks and distribution as at Appendix 'I'.

        (b) As soon as practicable after completion of tasks on night D-1/D will concentrate area 107738.  Personnel on DZs V and K will remain with 3 Para Bde units until daylight.  Eqpt will be salved.

        (c) One representative will report Div Headquarters at 1300 hrs.

28.  Reserve Pathfinders.

        Detachment 716 Light Composite Coy RASC will be prepared to set up navigational aids for supply aircraft on night D/D+1.  Sufficient lights and Eurekas for two sticks will drop with detachment 716 Light Composite Coy RASC on Dropping Zone N on night D-1/D.  Equipment will be drawn from and men br[?] by OC 22 Independent Para Coy.

29.  Glider Pilots.

        It is essential that glider pilots are returned to the beaches at the earliest possible opportunity.  This will be done under Divisional control.  During the night they will remain with sub-units or units.  At first light they will concentrate in area wood 113735 and come under command CRE for assisting in clearing glider landing strips.  On reaching the area wood 113735 alarm positions will be established to defend the LE BAS DE RANVILLE area from the NORTH and a Liaison Officer will be sent to Div HQ.

30.  C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt.

        Certain portions of C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt may move into 6 Airborne Div area from SOUTH EAST of CAEN during D or D + 1 day.

        Troops to be expected  Two patrols each of one Daimler Scout Car and one Daimler Armd Car.

        Probable Route  CAGNY - DEMOUVILLE - LE-BAS-DE-RANVILLE.

        Recognition Signals.  Cars will be flying blue pennants from aerials.  If shot at cars will display yellow celanese triangles and fire yellow smoke.  6 Airborne Div Troops will display yellow triangles in answering.  This must be done carefully so as not to disclose the position to the enemy.  After identification cars will be guided to Div Headquarters.



31.  See 6 Airborne Division Administration Order No.1.



32.  Location of Headquarters.

Formation and Unit


Approx Time of Opening

Divisional Headquarters

3 Para Bde

5 Para Bde


6 Airldg Bde

Airborne Armd Recce Group






HQ 1 Corps








3 Brit Inf Div Adv



8 Inf Bde


185 Inf Bde

101 Beach sub-area



(110745 thence

(to 106739


X-rds 123735

QUEEN Sector

thence wood 096801

at LA BRECHE 0980,

across R ORNE to

LE PLEIN 128756



becomes a casualty.  Lands

NAN sector crossroads




outskirts 016802.


junction 072803 thence

to BIEVILLE 0574


MER 0679


road junction mile



P - 1 hour

P - 2 hrs

P - 4 hrs

P - 3 hours

D Day 2130 hours

D Day 2130 hours

H + 20 mins to H + 30 mins













approximately H + 1

33.  Liaison

        (a) Div Liaison Officer will jump with 3 Para Bde and report to Div Headquarters as soon as possible after daylight.

        (b) Div Liaison Officer will jump with 5 Para Bde and report to Div Headquarters P - 1 hour.

        (c) Following will travel with Div Headquarters

                Div Liaison Officer for 6 Airldg Bde.

                Four Liaison Officers from 6 Airldg Bde.

        (d) Following will travel with Div Headquarters.

                Col RG PARKER and SO Armd Recce Group.

                Senior Officer 6 Airldg Bde.

        (e) 1 SS Bde

                (i) One SS Bde Liaison Officer will jump with 3 Para Bde and will meet 1 SS Bde at Bridge Command Post.

                (ii) One SS Bde Liaison Officer will jump with 5 Para Bde and will meet 1 SS Bde at 7 Bn outpost.

                (iii) One Liaison Officer 45 (RM) Cdo will jump with 9 Para Bn and meet 45 (RM) Commando on its crossing canal.

34.  Wireless.

        Communications in accordance with Appendix 'W.1', 'W2'. 'W3'.  All crews will be briefed to operate any set at Headquarters to which they belong.  Frequencies issued separately.  No alternatives.  No deviation from allotted frequency.

35.  Wireless Silence, see Appendix 'W4'

        (a) All airborne formations will maintain wireless silence until H Hour except as follows.

        (b) Wireless silence may be broken when enemy have been engaged on specified objectives.

        (c) Wireless silence on rear and lateral links outside the Div will not be relaxed until H - 90 minutes though it may be broken before that to pass vital information to 3 Brit Inf Div or to call for fire from bombarding ships.

        (d) The minimum number of sets on Fire Command, Spotting BCW waves necessary to implement the fire plan as detailed.  CRA may relax wireless silence not before H - 90 minutes.

36.  Line

        Will be laid as soon as situation permits.  Danger ar[ea?] exists in Div area.  Lines laid through gaps in a minefield will be laid on RIGHT hand side of the gap, facing the enemy.

37.  Enemy Line.

        Existing lines will not be made use of without ancillary officer R Signals.  On landing all existing enemy lines will be cut.  Exchanged, buried cable, test points, and other signal apparatus will not be damaged, but lines to each will be disconnected.

38.  Despatch Riders.

        No Special Despatch Riders will be sent through zone without adequate protection.

39.  Pigeons.

        Provided down to bns for emergency communication.

40.  Ground/Air

        Ground strips.  Yellow celanese triangles.

41.  Ground/Ground Recognition.

        6 Airborne Division - 3 British Inf Division - 1 SS Bde will show yellow triangle when identification is in doubt.  These triangles are in addition to ground/air strips carried.

42.  Air Support.

        Bde to Division on Air Support Forms, normal channels.  Division - ASSU via ASSU tentacle.

43.  Tac R Broadcast.

        4790 kcs - every second clock hour, commencing H + 1 hour.

44.  Force RT Broadcast.

        Signal time, air raid warnings, situation reports on 3350 kcs.  Spare 22 or 76 sets may be used to listen.

45.  RT Calls of Ships are



Force G






Times of Broadcast

Mins pas the clock hour

0          30

     10          40

          20          50

46.  Signal Security.

        See Appendix 'W4'.

47.  Pass Words

        The following passwords will be adopted and made known to all ranks.  These passwords are laid down by 1 Corps, and precautions must be taken against compromise.  They will not be issued below bn Headquarters more than 24 hours ahead.



1200 hrs on

Ending 1200

hrs on
















(D Day











D Day

















        First change of pass words will be at 1200 hrs B, D+1, and thereafter daily at 1200 hrs B.

48.  Air Raid Warning

        In early stages warning of impending Air Raids will be given on ship sirens:

                ALERT - 4 Series 3 short blasts.

                ALL CLEAR - One prolonged blast.

        During darkness except in circumstances covered by Spee Instrs, complete black-out as in UK will be observed.


        See Appendix 'M'

50.  Ack.



Lt.Col. GS, 6 Airborne Division.






Reference Map FRANCE 1/100,000 Sheet 7 F.


1.  Skeleton Order of Battle

8 Inf Bde

9 Inf Bde

185 Inf Bde













7 Field Regt RA SP

33 Field Regt RA SP

76 Field Regt RA SP

20 A Tk Regt RA

92 LAA Regt RA

2 MX (MMG)

8 Field Ambulance

9 Field Ambulance

223 Field Ambulance

Under Command

27 Armd Bde

13/18 H




2.  8 Infantry Bde lands on QUEEN sector 068818 - 093805 at H hour with the task of clearing the beach area and securing the high ground area ring contour 065772 which it hopes to do by H + 4 hours.  As early as possible one company E YORKS plus one squadron 13/18 H moves to bridge area.  Probable time of arrival H + 3 hours.  If opposition is strong 1 SS Bde (less No 4 Commando) is moving with this force.  Eventually one battalion will take over defence of both bridges.


3.  185 Inf Bde lands on QUEEN sector and should be assembled ashore by H + 4 hours.  It then moves SOUTH through 8 Inf Bde to capture CAEN, axis HERMANVILLE SUR MER 0679 - BEUVILLE 0675 - CAEN.  Anticipated timings:

                Beuville H + 6 hours to 7 hours

                CAEN H + 12 hours.

        During its advance its left flank may be subjected to fire from the area high ground SOUTH of ST HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE 0971 and special measures may have to be taken by 6 Airborne Division to deal with this area.


4.  9 Inf Bde lands about H + 5 hours on QUEEN sector and after assembling SOUTH of QUEEN is to move to PLUMETOT 0478 into Div Reserve.  It is to be prepared to:-

        (a) Move forward rapidly to prevent infiltration between 3 Brit Inf Div and 3 Canadian Div.

        (b) Attack CAEN from the WEST if 185 Bde fail to capture the town from the NORTH.

        (c) Attack the high ground about COLOMBY-SUR-THAON 0076.

        (d) Clear up the enemy position immediately NORTH of CRESSERONS 0379.


5.  Artillery Three batteries from 33 and 76 regimental Group ashore in area 0779, 0879 by H + 100 minutes.  Remaining three batteries ashore and in action in same area by H + 145 minutes.  7 Field Regt should be in action just SOUTH of 33 and 76 Field Regts by approximately H + 4 hours.  76 Field Regt is allotted in direct support of 5 Para Bde in bridge area as priority task, except that if this regiment is required to support 8 Inf Bde for capture of 8 Infantry Bde final objective priority becomes one battery in support 5 Para Bde, two batteries in support 8 Infantry Bde.  33 and 7 Field Regts allotted primary tasks with 3 Brit Inf Div but at call in support of 6 Airborne Division in so far as arcs of fire and range permit.  (See RA 6 Airborne Div Operation Order No.1).