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1st - 5th June 1944

Place: Tarrant Rushton & Brize Norton.


Regiment in transit camps.  A Squadron and Regimental Headquarters at Tarrant Rushton and B and Headquarters Squadrons at Brize Norton.  Loading gliders and awaiting instructions to emplane.


6th June 1944

Regiment emplaned from airfields as above on Operation OVERLORD, B and Headquarters Squadrons at 1900 hrs, A Squadron and Regimental Headquarters at 1925 hrs.  One Horsa with Second-in-Command forced to cast off and made successful landing area Winchester.  No further episodes in flight.  Hamilcars and Horsas arrived over D.Z. area Ranville 1173, 2100-2130 hrs.  All Horsas landed without incident, one Hamilcar in landing crashed into Tank unloading from another causing both to become Z casualties.  Some Mortar fire on D.Z. during landing, one Hamilcar hit.  Rendezvous in harbour at 123734.


7th June 1944

Place: 123734


0700 - Move from harbour area, via Le Mesnil, to new harbour area Road Junction 137707.


0930 - Recce patrol engaged 4-wheel Armoured Carrier in wood 137706, Jeep set on fire by incendiary bullet and blew up, no casualties personnel.


Place: 137707


0930-2100 - Recce patrols operating in area Touffreville, Sannerville, Banneville la Campagne.  Enemy movements seen in Touffreville and Sannerville and area

1168.1169, including infantry, small numbers tanks and Self-Propelled guns.  192 Panzer Grenadier Regiment identified in this area (dead D.R.).  At last light location harbour changed to X-Rds, 140708.


Insert: Light Tank casualties on Enemy mine 135706, approximately 1200 hrs.  Crew missing.  Light hit by Self-Propelled gun at 135708, 1 casualty.


8th June 1944

Place: 140708


0630-2200 - Recce patrols operating in area as above, and also area Bois de Bavent 1571, and North East to Bavent 1673.


0630-1310 - Movements of M.T. guns M.T. and Half Tracks seen area Sannerville, Banneville and Cuverville.  Railway Bridge at Troarn and line of Railway Troarn/Bures held by enemy.


1300-1700 - Self-Propelled guns, small parties Tanks and Two parties each 30 Half-Tracks (2 disguised as haystacks) deploying from Demouville and Touffreville in direction Cuverville.


1700 - No movement seen in area Bures/Bavent.


2200 - Enemy estimated strength 2 Battalions observed/attacked North-East from Cuverville, Naval Guns put concentration on Cuverville and Bannerville.  2 Prisoners of War captured Bavent area identified as 11 and 12 Companies / 857 Grenadier Regiment.


9th June 1944

Place: 140708


0630 - Recce patrols sent out to same areas.  1 carrier blown up on Anti-Tank mine laid by own troops at crossroads ??0708.


0700-0800 - Some movement including Half-Tracks and One Field Gun, from Sannerville to Cuverville.


0915 - Platoon Infantry moving South-East from Cuverville.


1100 - Enemy patrol contacted South of Escoville.


1130 - Enemy patrol contacted 153687.  One Officer casualty.


1300 - Mortars seen firing North-East 099724 and Infantry at 095710.  Attacks in progress general direction Cuverville and along slopes of high ground East of Cuverville plain.


1445 - Bridges in Troarn reported repaired for light traffic.


1500 - Self-Propelled Gun supporting infantry moving North from Demouville.


1630 - Recce patrols temporarily withdrawn, small parties enemy attempting to infiltrate from South-West through wooded area 1370.


1915 - Observation Posts reestablished activity observed in Cuverville (3 Ton lorries and Half-Tracks. D.R.s on Road Bannerville and Cuverville.


1915-2015 - Enemy movements Northwards in area 1167,0969.


2015-2045 - Attack observed supported by heavy mortar fire apparently on Herouvillette.


2115 - Mortar or Artillery fire observed falling in area North-West of 140708.


2120 - 16/20 Half-Tracks seen moving South-East towards Demouville.


2200 - Patrol returned.


10th June 1944

Place: 140708


0700 - Recce patrols sent out to same area as above.  Mortars 107695 shelling wood 1371.  4 tanks seen moving North-East from 1169 followed by 12 Half-Tracks.


0800-1130 - Some enemy movement sent in plain.


1130-1430 - Armoured Cars moving up road from Touffreville to Troarn, Attack from Bavent and Cuverville on Le Mesnil area are unsuccessful.


1500-1530 - British aircraft strafing in area Cuverville-Bannerville.


1545 - Mixed Armoured Fighting Vehicles seen moving South across Railway 1167.


1600 - Recce patrol occupied brickworks 1469.


2000 - 20 rounds 3-inch Mortar fired at Enemy Machine-Gun post in Touffreville, post evacuated or destroyed.


2200 - Patrols returned, 2 Enemy Infantry killed area 1571 identified as 643 (Ost) Battalion - were wearing civilian clothes under uniforms.


11th June 1944

Place: 140708


0115 - Elements of 153 Infantry Brigade passed through position.


0600 - Recce patrols to same areas.


0630-0930 - Self-Propelled Guns, 3 Mk4 Tanks and Half-Tracks seen moving into Sannerville. Armoured cars seen in 1269.


1030-1130 - Self-Propelled Guns seen at 109696, 115685.


1130-on - Under Command 153 Infantry Brigade.  One Recce patrol operating from 1369, during the afternoon this patrol penetrated Touffreville, East of Sannerville, and to Bridge 142083 without opposition.


1800 - 4 Self-Propelled Guns in 1208 seen firing on area crossroads 140708.


1900-2200 - Attack by 1 Gordon {Highlanders} on Touffreville.  Touffreville and Northern part Sannerville occupied.  To deal with threatened counter-attack on 1 Gordons from Cuverville 2 Light Tank Troops and 1 Recce Troop were sent to Escoville which was found empty.  It being too dark for Tanks to fire, Troops returned at 2330.


12th June 1944

Place: 140708


0500 - Attacks appeared to be in progress on Cuverville. French Liaison Officer attached reported concentrations of Vehicles, Tanks in Manneville and Emieville observed on previous day.


0850 - 2 Recce Troops sent to Manneville 1266 and Bures 1769.


1100 - Enemy patrols heard on line of Railway Bures/Banneville.  Anti-Tank Gun located at 159679 covered by obstacle at 159680.


1230 - French Sergeant attached reported blockhouses at 208683 and 200649, High Ground 1863 to 1968 unoccupied.


1400 - Road Bures/Troarn in general use by Enemy transport.  Bridge at Bures reported not repaired.


1400-1700 - 1 dismounted patrol from Light Tank Squadron searched area 1168/1169 for Self-Propelled Gun.  1 patrol from Recce Squadron engaged Anti-Tank Gun previously reported, approx 60 rounds 3-inch Mortar fired at objective results not observed.


2000 - Patrols returned.


13th June 1944

Place: 140708


0600 - French patrol reported concentration vehicles in Manneville reported previous day severely damaged by air attacks on 12 June.  No Recce patrols sent out.


1215 - Reverted under command 6 Airborne Division and withdrawn to new location in Ranville 112732.


1500-2339 - Intermittent shelling by Enemy of adjacent areas.  2 Enemy aircraft made attacks on areas in vicinity at 2330.


14th June 1944

Place: Ranville


All Troop in harbour up to 1900 hrs.


1900 - 2 Recce patrols sent to areas Le Plein 1274 and Bavent 1673.


1905 - Enemy Light Machine-Gun firing on fixed lines at 145744 and 153730.


2005 - Enemy movement seen in 144733, digging at 147730, Machine-Gun firing at 148735.


2100-2130 - Patrols in Bavent area held up by sniping and Machine-Guns previously reported.  Northern patrol unable to report area clear of enemy or otherwise.


2230 - Both patrols returned.


15th June 1944

Place: Ranville


0800 - 2 Recce patrols dispatched to area Le Plein/Bavent and one patrol to area Touffreville.


1230 - 3 Vehicles with long barrel guns pointing South-East seen at 122696.


1245 - Enemy patrol seen at 146697 and digging suspected at 140753.  Two High Explosive shells fell on trenches in harbour area causing seven casualties.


1430 - No movement seen in Le Plein area.  Area 1474/1476 reported to have been clear on night 14/15 June.


1515 - Six Tanks reported 156678, Vehicles and Tanks at 106689.


1630 - Observation balloon in 1167 seen being hauled down.


1730 - No movement seen in Le Plein area or Touffreville area.


1930 - Two Machine-Gun posts seen in area 1575.


2030 - No movement seen in Cuverville plain.


2100 - Mortars observed in groups of four North-West of Cuverville.


2200 - Patrols returned.


16th June 1944

Place: Ranville


0430-0730 - General shelling of Divisional Area. Attacks on Breville, Pre Baron re eiled. Escoville occupied by Enemy. Infiltrations reported as far as Herouvillette.


1045 - More shelling on Divisional area. Two Troops tanks including 3-inch Howitzers sent to occupy defensive positions area 112731.


1500 - Recce patrol plus one Light Tank to area Le Mesnil and Woodyard 140708.


1530 - Two Mk4 Tanks reported receding towards Escoville at 136755.  50 Infantry in occupation woodyard.


17th June 1944

Place: Ranville


1200 - Recce patrol and two Light Tanks sent to Sallenelles to Recce strong point reported at 139776.


1530 - Patrol reported that 15 Rounds 3-inch Howitzer, 10 Rounds 2 Pounder and 1 belt BSS were fired at Cupola and sides of pillbox and hits observed on Cupola and vision slits.  No fire was returned, and Gun in Cupola was not seen to traverse.


18th June 1944

Place: Ranville


One Recce Troop and One Tank Troop and 4 Medium Machine-Guns at Le Mesnil in support 5 Para Brigade.


1900 - A Squadron (Tanks) moved to Le Mesnil to take defensive positions in support 5 Para Brigade.  Recce Troop supported 12 Para Battalion in a raid on a Strongpoint WEST of Le Prieure 1572, not successful owing to unsuitable nature of country.


19th June 1944

Place: Ranville


A Squadron at Le Mensil in support 5 Para Brigade.


20th June 1944

Place: Ranville


A Squadron and Assault Troop Motorcycles and 4 Medium Machine-Guns at Le Mesnil in support 5 Para Brigade.


21st June 1944

Place: Ranville


0815 - Move to new harbour area B Squadron, HQ Squadron and Regimental Headquarters at 118758, under command 3 Para Brigade for rest.  A Squadron and Assault Troop and 4 Medium Machine-Guns at Le Mesnil.


22nd June 1944

Place: 118758


A Squadron and Assault Troop and 4 Medium Machine-Guns at Le Mesnil.  Remainder in rest area.


23rd June 1944

Place: 118758


One Light Tank at Le Mesnil hit by solid projectile apparently 75mm anti-concrete shot rendered Z casualties.


1800 - B Squadron and 4 Medium Machine-Guns, HQ Squadron together with Regimental Headquarters Tanks moved in support 8 Para Battalion in counter attack role at Le Bas de Ranville 105735.  A Squadron and Assault Troop and 4 Medium Machine-Guns remained at Le Mesnil.


24th June 1944

Place: 118758


Dispositions as of on 23 June.


25th June 1944

Place: 118758


A Squadron and Assault Troop and 4 Medium Machine-Guns at Le Mesnil.


1330 - Detachment from Le Bas de Ranville returned.


26th June 1944

Place: 118758


Dispositions as on 25 June.


27th June 1944

Place: 118758


Dispositions as on 26 June; System of relief for 3 Tanks per 48 hours commencing 1700 hrs 27th introduced.


28th June 1944

Place: 118758


Dispositions as on 27 June, less Assault Troop returned to 118758.


29th June 1944

Place: 118758


1700 - One further Tank Troop withdrawn from Le Mesnil leaving two troops, Squadron HQ and 4 Medium Machine-Guns.


30th June 1944

Place: 118758


Dispositions as on 29th June.


1st July 1944

Place: 118758


2 Troops A Squadron and Squadron HQ plus 4 Medium Machine-Guns, HQ Squadron at Le Mesnil 1372, Remainder in Rest Area.


2nd July 1944

Place: 118758


0700 - Mortar Troop sent up to Le Mesnil to support attack by 8 Para Battalion; Attack not put in and Mortar Troop returned.


3rd July 1944

Place: 118758


2000 - Trooper Lammell was sent to Le Mesnil to participate in a Polish broadcast; owing to technical difficulties broadcast was not made, but Trooper Lammell acted as interrogator of two Polish deserters.


4th July 1944

Place: 118758


1830 - Two ME 109 over Regimental area engaged by captured German AA Gun, and One, unconfirmed, claimed shot down.


5th July 1944

Place: 118758


0200 - Trooper Lammell participated in Polish broadcast in the area Longuemare 1475.


0900 - Medium Machine-Guns moved forward to positions in orchards area 144728.


Proposal for Tanks to operate in support of attack from Le Mesnil not carried out.


6th July 1944

Place: 118758


2100 - At 142728 12 Russian deserters identified as 642 Battalion Ost came in through forward left Machine-Gun post.


7th July 1944

Place: 118758


1330 - During the course of a patrol by 12 Para Battalion, at approx 145730, party were caught by Machine-Gun fire from enemy posts supposed to be empty; Lt O'Hanlon went forward alone to give covering fire and received a bullet wound in the thigh.


8th/9th July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


10th July 1944

Place: 118758


1200 - FW 190 shot down by Unit AA Gun crew (unconfirmed).


11th July 1944

Place: 118758


First issue of bread, 4oz per man.


12th July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


13th July 1944

Place: 118758


2200 -  Trooper Lammell participated in Polish broadcast in Le Mesnil area.


14th July 1944

Place: 118758


1445 - Approximately 10 ME 109 crossed Regimental area from East to West and were engaged by AA fire.


15th July 1944

Place: 118758


Road making begun across Regimental area from road junction 118757 to Bridge at 115761.


16th/17th July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


18th July 1944

Place: 118758


0630 - In connection with Operation Goodwood 1 Jeep with 22 Set sent to co-operate with BBC recording van at Breville 1374.


1100 - Regiment placed at 1 hours notice to move to Recce forward in the event of an Enemy withdrawal towards Cabourg.


2245 - Enemy aircraft attacking vehicle movements in area 1175 dropped Anti-Personnel bombs in quarries adjacent to Regimental area.


19th July 1944

Place: 118758


Under Divisional arrangements Regiment provided listening sets on 11 Armoured, Guards Armoured, and 3 British Division nets.


20th July 1944

Place: 118758


0900/1230 - Listening on 11 Armoured Div net.


1230 - Listening on Guards Armoured and 7th Armoured Division nets.


21st July 1944

Place: 118758


Very heavy rain flooded area, Regimental Headquarters dugout evacuated.


22nd July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


23rd July 1944

Place: 118758


Recce of disabled tank (knocked out on June 7th) carried out - See attached report Appendix 'A' {not attached to this copy}


24th July 1944

Place: 118758


Observer from forward Machine-Gun post saw Enemy party of four men wearing red berets at 145730.


25th/26th July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


27th July 1944

Place: 118758


0130-0200 - Raid by Enemy aircraft in area 1175.  2 Canisters of Anti-Personnel bombs fell in Regimental area, and 1 Canister in area A Squadron HQ at 135726.  3 Large craters from High Explosive bombs in right forward troop area.


28th/29th/30th July 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


31st July 1944

Place: 118758


Placed under command 5 Para Brigade with responsibility for defence of Bridges in 1074.


1st August 1944

Place: 118758


Party of 2 officers and 43 Other Ranks receiving instruction in the Cromwell tank at ARG.


2nd August 1944

Place: 118758


0430 - Approximately 10 shells (identified as 10.5cm) fell in divisional area adjacent to regimental area.


3rd August 1944

Place: 118758


0030 - 3 shells (? 8.8cm) fell in HQ Squadron area; one Other Rank wounded.


1015 - Under command 5 Para Brigade B Squadron, Medium Machine-Gun Troop and Regimental Headquarters Group took up battle positions in area Pont de Tournant. After one hour, all troops returned to camp.


4th/5th August 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


6th August 1944

Place: 118758


Party of trainees returned with 8 Cromwell tanks which were taken on strength of A Squadron and organised into two troops.


7th August 1944

Place: 118758


0310 - 10 rounds shellfire on 120757.


0930 - B Squadron and 4 Medium Machine-Guns placed under command 4 Special Service Brigade and sent to area 1568 North-West of Troarn to relieve 49 Recce Regiment.  3 Troops B Squadron under 41 Commando remainder under 46 Commando.  The Medium Machine-Guns could not be sited on the ground and were returned.


8th August 1944

Place: 118758


One Carrier of B Squadron damaged by mortar fire in area 1568.


10th August 1944

Place: 118758


2230 - Trooper Lammell again employed assisting divisional intelligence staff in the interrogation of 2 Polish Prisoners of War.


2245 - Enemy aircraft crashed on house in the divisional rest camp at Ouistreham and two Other Ranks of HQ Squadron were killed.


11th August 1944

Place: 118758


Captain Fehr and Squadron Sergeant Major Murray wounded while bathing in area 1568: Captain Selwyn sent out to take over Second-in-Command B Squadron.


12th August 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


13th August 1944

Place: 118758


0900 - B Squadron excluding Mortar Troop were recalled to Regimental Area.


14th August 1944

Place: 118758


Nothing to report.


15th August 1944

Place: 118758


0900 - Regimental Headquarters Group moved to a new and more suitable area in 114757.  Mortar Troop reported that since 11 August 840 rounds 3-inch mortar High Explosive had been expended and Troop was credited with the destruction of an enemy mortar position.


16th August 1944

Place: 114757


1115 - Regiment placed at one hours notice to move; mortar troop recalled.


1230 - Regiment less 2 Medium Machine-Guns, 50 fitters and A echelon, moved to take up positions in the line between including Banneville and grid line northing 64.  Route:- Ranville-St Honorine-La Chardonnerette-Colombelles-Giberville-Demouville.


1600 - Regimental Headquarters established in farm at 114658; one troop Cromwells at 110670, one troop Cromwells at 108654 (A Squadron HQ consisting of 3 Tetrarchs being established adjacent to Regimental Headquarters) and 3 Medium Machine-Guns at each of 114660 and 112653.  B Squadron was to send mob patrols to Banneville and 135655 and a static Observation Post to 136665.


17th August 1944

Place: 114658


0730 - A patrol from Banneville reported that it had reached 136663 without contact with the enemy.


0745 - Information was received that 3 Para Brigade had advanced 2-3000 yards in the area of the Bois de Bavent without making contact and that 4 Special Service Brigade on the Regiment's immediate left was also going to advance; the Regiment however was ordered NOT to leave its holding role.


0810 - A patrol reported that the road from 135655 to 131644 was clear.


0925 - Regiment received a warning order to move to area 176645.


1030 - Patrols having completed their search of the area reported that all between Banneville and 131644 was clear.


1115 - Regiment received fresh orders as follows:- (i) bridges 187659, 184649 and 175645 to be recced, (ii) the area of the St Pair feature between Troarn and 175645 to be recced, (iii) contact to be maintained with own troops on right and left.


1335 - A patrol reached bridge 175645 and found it blown; contact at this point was also made with 4 Special Service Brigade on the Regiment's left flank.


1420 - Bridge 187659 was found to be blown but a foot crossing was possible.


1500 - Contact was made by Liaison Officer with own troops on the right flank who were at 182622 and had forward position at 215668; they reported all clear in area South of that point and East of Argences as far as the line of the River Laison.


1515 - Regimental Headquarters Group, A Squadron and Medium Machine-Gun Troop moved out on centreline 128673-Banneville-161677-St Pair.  Some difficulty met in area Banneville owing to bomb damage.


1610 - Patrol reported that the bridge at 217670 was blown and that Le Hain was occupied by the enemy.


1725 - Regiment harboured in area 1665 with Regimental Headquarters at 165658.


18th August 1944

Place: 165658


0800 - Regiment was ordered to be prepared to follow through the advance of the infantry on the road Dozule-Pont L'Eveque but since infantry did not break through during the day the Regiment did not move out.


19th August 1944

Place: 167663


1200 - Regimental Headquarters was moved into the chateau at 167663.  The Regiment was still under orders to follow through an infantry advance but remained in harbour throughout the day.


20th August 1944

Place: 167663


0800 - Regiment received orders as follows:- to recce the crossroads 4201 and all bridges on the River La Touque from Pont L'Eveque 5203 including southwards.


0900 - B Squadron moved out to establish an HQ with 4 Special Service Brigade in area 254706 and send patrols southward from there.


1000 - Regimental Headquarters Group and Medium Machine-Gun Troop moved to 212709: A Squadron and echelon remained in area 1665 as bridges over the Dives East of Troarn were not suitable for heavy vehicles.


Place: 212709


1310 - Patrol reported that the road 256708-263688 was clear.


1400 - A small party of enemy encountered in area 263684 was cleared up, one subunit left to hold the road junction 263688 and another subunit advanced east from that point.


1430 - The eastern patrol had a sharp engagement was the enemy at Y-roads 268685 in which the enemy were driven off with probably 3 casualties and one 'of enroht' was captured.


1450 - Enemy were still resisting both at junction 268685 and also further north at 268688.  A Light Machine-Gun position was located at 269687 and a mortar position firing North and South-West at 267685.


1510 - A position with 3 mortars and one gun was located at 271686.  The patrol was ordered to try to work round by 265671 to Rumesnil 3167 since further progress seemed difficult on its present route.


1545 - Further trouble in the area of junction 268688 was reported; a second subunit was reported to be trying the southern route as suggested.


1630 - A Prisoner of War taken in the area 2668 was identified as belonging to 857 Grenadier Regiment.


1650 - The patrol at road junction 268688 reported two casualties.


1710 - The patrol on the southern route reported enemy dug in along the road East of 269674 and in the buildings to the South of that position.


1725 - To assist in clearing up the situation at 268688 the mortar troop was brought up and scored a direct hit on a Light Machine-Gun position.  Under divisional arrangements a Forward Observation Officer was also sent forward to B Squadron Headquarters to try to bring fire to bear on the enemy mortar position.


1745 - The patrol on the southern route was halted by a Machine-Gun firing along the road at 274673.


1810 - The patrol at 264684 reported that it was being mortared and shelled and was having difficulty in recovering the casualties already sustained.


1820 - All subunits out were withdrawn to area 254710.


1915 - Appreciated that enemy positions in the area 2668 were as follows:- area Y-roads 268685 held by one company supported by mortars, area 270673-273674 also held by one company.


1945 - A patrol from the Medium Machine-Gun Troop reported that along hedge 212718-214715 were 6 positions, dug in, for 7.62cm PAK guns, identified as Self-Propelled from track marks visible; at 211718 were 4 dead NCOs identified by paybooks as 3/346 Fusilier Battalion.


2130 - Total casualties in B Squadron actions - 2 killed, 5 wounded.


2145 - Regiment received orders to recce, with under command 1 Belgian Recce Squadron, crossroads 299718, 314749 and 305733.  The Belgian Squadron was given this task and B Squadron ordered to block the right flank from 2669-2670.


21st August 1944

Place: 212709


0745 - Belgian Squadron moved off.


0820 - One subunit was reported through Dozule; remainder were having difficulty on roads and were reported to be passing through Dozule on the main road and then fanning out to the East.


0850 - Belgian subunit on the main road reported to be in area 3074 without making contact with the enemy.


0905 - Beaufour 3171 reported clear since previous night.  Patrol on this route was therefore given permission to proceed to La Chapelle Hamfray 4499.


0915 - Patrol on main road reported enemy Machine-Gun at 415013 which was bypassed.  B Squadron was now ordered to attempt to establish an Observation Post east of road junction 281699 and watch the routes 3167-4297 and 4395-4093.


0940 - Belgian patrol reached 422013.


1015 - Belgian subunit reported contact with the enemy on the main road at 303749.


1045 - B Squadron given additional task of watching roads 281699-3167 and 2668-2965.  Belgian patrols reported that Annebault and Branville were heavily mined and that according to civilian sources there were enemy positions including Anti-Tank Guns north of Branville.


1105 - Belgian patrol moving East from Beaufour reported positions with Anti-Tank weapon at 416977 and contact with enemy at the same area.


1140 - Appreciated that main enemy positions were on line of high ground from Branville-Vals... 4598 with Machine-Guns, mortars and Anti-Tank weapons.


1150 - Patrol in area 5197 estimated strength of enemy at approximately one company.


1155 - Belgian patrol held up in front of Le Bourg 3174.


1245 - A Belgian patrol reported that Le Bocage 4199 appeared to be clear.  The subunit on the main road was withdrawn while infantry cleared the position.


1330 - A patrol working north from the main road contacted an enemy position with Anti-Tank weapons, Machine-Guns and mortars at 304782.  Patrol in area 4299 was in contact with an organised position, and another at 4497 was also in contact.


1400 - Regimental Headquarters moved forward to 277734.  B Squadron reported that a Prisoner of War taken in area 2668 belonged to 5/857 Grenadier Regiment and stated that 6 enemy were killed the previous day in the action in that area; he also stated that his company had orders to retire at the rate of 20/25 kilometres per day.


1425 - A Belgian patrol reported contact with a position at 421977, the same position as had already been encountered at 441977; on the main road the position was still static pending the clearance by the infantry of Le Bourg.


Place: 277734


1430 - Contact with Liaison Officer from 49 Recce Regiment who stated that Rumesnil was occupied by own troops.


1445 - B Squadron ordered to recce to 450990-475905-bridge 5397 and relieved of responsibility for southern flank West of Rumesnil.


1545 - Belgian patrol in area 4197 reported contact with troops from 49 Recce Regiment.


1615 - A civilian reported to Regimental Headquarters that two 150-mm French guns were located in Gonneville-Sur-Mer 2978 and were firing on Deauville 2976.


1700 - The Belgian subunit in contact in 4197 was withdrawn to Squadron reserve.


1730 - Belgian subunits still in contact in 3078 and 4199; remainder in reserve awaiting infantry advance.


1745 - A subunit of B Squadron moving East from Beaufour encountered some opposition; the line of Le Bocage-La Forge a la Planche still appeared to be held.


1845 - A further patrol from B Squadron reached Bonnebosq which appeared to be held.


1900 - The patrol moving from Beaufour was fired on from 426979 and reported track noises on the track running South-West from there.


1920 - Belgian patrol estimated that the enemy in Branville were one platoon strong.  This patrol was not able to remain in observation in this area and returned.


1930 - B Squadron reported the capture of 2 Prisoners of War from 731 Grenadier Regiment in Beaufour.


1950 - Patrol from B Squadron reported that it was entering Bonnebosq with troops of 49 Division who had made a brigade attack there.


2015 - Patrol from B Squadron in the La Forge a la Planche area reported that it was now attacking the enemy position there with troops from 49 Recce Regiment.


2050 - Road junction 425978 reported clear of enemy who appeared to be retiring North-East towards 430995, about one company strong.


2125 - Belgian Squadron reported that it was going into harbour at 267743.


2200 - Patrol of B Squadron reported that crossroads 450989 was clear.  The Squadron was then withdrawn into harbour 305705.


2205 - B Squadron was ordered to move in the morning on its present frontage to establish contact and report on the bridges 535996 and 535973.  Belgian Squadron was to continue advance on the same axis as at present.  A Squadron was ordered to bring tanks up to 212709.


22nd August 1944

Place: 277734


0645 - Patrols from B Squadron moved out.


0700 - Belgian subunit reached crossroads 460017.


0810 - B Squadron reported contact with patrols of 49 Recce Regiment; visibility was poor.


0830 - Belgian patrol reported that bridges in Pont L'Eveque were blown during the night.  One subunit in contact with small party of enemy on the west bank. Reaumont-en-Auge not occupied.


0840 - Patrol reported bridge at 535996 not held.  Anti-Tank Gun reported at 519036.


0900 - A few enemy reported on the west bank at 517036.


0902 - An Anti-Tank Gun located at 524036.


0910 - Belgian reported that bridge 535973 was not heavily held.


0918 - Belgian patrol reported that a small bridge still intact was located 200 yards of the main bridge in Pont L'Eveque and was held by one Machine-Gun.


0935 - Patrol from B Squadron reached Clarbec 4770.


1000 - Regimental Headquarters Group moved to 487018.


1040 - Belgian patrol reported that the Anti-Tank Gun at 524036 covering the road leading South-East from 518037 and that in the approximate area 518038 was a Machine-Gun position astride the road.


1043 - Belgian patrol by the southern bridge reported contact with troops of 49 Division: the river there appeared to be an anti-tank obstacle but crossable by infantry. In the Pont L'Eveque area, appreciated that the railway line was organised as a defensive position.  The crossroads 499064 stated to be prepared for demolition.


1100 - An explosion in the area 499064 was reported.


1125 - A Belgian patrol penetrated along the west bank of the river to 483053 and reported that according to civilians Deauville was evacuated 8 days before, the bridges there and at St Arnoult having been blown.


1130 - Two Prisoners of War were brought by French civilians to Regimental Headquarters and were identified as 7/744 Grenadier Regiment and 1235 Coast Artillery Battery respectively.


1215 - Paybook found in area 5102 belonged to 5/857 Grenadier Regiment.  Belgian patrol reported that according to civilians Trouville was occupied and that in the Foret de St Gatien was an artillery area.


1255 - Patrol at centre bridge reported mortar fire from 541995.


1330 - All patrols were ordered to return to respective Squadron areas as infantry were in contact along the line of River Touques.


1530 - Regiment was ordered to follow up 5 Para Brigade in an attack to the high ground East of Pont L'Eveque and there to protect the right flank of the position.  Watching posts were to be established at 5402, 5804 and 6007.  A Squadron was to move in support.


1600 - B Squadron reported that an Italian claiming to be a Prisoner of War of the Germans had been picked up in the area 5100.  A Squadron were ordered to send up one troop to support infantry attempting to advance in Pont L'Eveque and to cover bridging operations in the town.


1900 - As the infantry were unable to make progress into the town the Regiment was ordered to stand down for the night.


2100-2115 - Approximately 6 shells from gun identified as 150-mm landed in A Squadron area.


2200 - Regiment ordered to be prepared to move across river as soon as crossing established and recce line from including Honfleur-to including Pont Audemer.


23rd August 1944

Place: 487018


0600-1200 - Infantry were unable to force crossing in the town.


1245 - At the request of 5 Para Brigade a troop of tanks was again sent into the town to help infantry.


1330 - Information was received that the infantry were withdrawing to the high ground west of the town and the troop of A Squadron  was employed to cover this withdrawal.


1630 - Information was received that the withdrawal was complete.


24th August 1944

Place: 487018


0830 - In consequence of the statements that the bridge in 4906 was intact and uncovered a Belgian patrol was sent to watch this bridge.


0940 - This patrol reported that Canapville appeared to be empty; a crossing at this point was recced.


1015 - Crossing at 494062 was found to be impossible and the patrol was withdrawn.


1045 - A troop of 95-mm Centaurs came under command of the Regiment for support of operations.


1330 - Regiment was informed that it was allotted first priority in passage over the river and was also ordered to search for an alternative crossing to Pont L'Eveque.  No suitable alternative crossing had so far been reported.


1420 - Information was received that at 533999 there was a Class 40 bridge intact and a patrol was sent to recce this bridge.  It was found to be blown but the same patrol reported that a 533972 there was an intact bridge which could be used.


1630 - Regiment moved off in the following order:- Belgian Recce Squadron, Forward Regimental Headquarters, A Squadron and Rear Regimental Headquarters over bridge 533972; B Squadron with under command 2 armoured cars over the bridge in Pont L'Eveque.  As soon as crossing complete Regiment was to recce on original axes to Honfleur and Pont Audemer.


1700 - Belgian patrol reported that bridge at 594044 was blown and the high ground east of it held; the railway bridge at 575056 also was reported blown and held.


1745 - Belgian patrol reported mortaring on the road 589044-573052 and Machine-Gun fire at 580048.


1815 - The bridge at 594044 appeared to be held by 2 Machine-Guns with little if any opposition between there and 573052.


1830 - Belgian patrol trying to work north reported that the road was blocked at 531078.


1845 - B Squadron reported that it would take 20 minutes to get 2 troops across at Pont L'Eveque and that the armoured cars could not cross at all; these were therefore sent by the southern bridge.


1850 - Belgian patrol at 531078 found a way round and made contact with own infantry in St Gatien.


1945 - All subunits of B Squadron were reported across the bridge and 2 were pushed on through the Foret de St Gatien.


2000 - Patrol of B Squadron reported that 564084 was occupied.


2010 - Belgian patrol reported that road at 630013 was blown and under shell fire.


2015 - A patrol of B Squadron in the area 558094 was fired on from the east and had to withdraw.


2040 - Belgian patrol reported that road at 632012 was blown and under fire.


2100 - Belgian patrols reported enemy infantry at 556122 and 557097 and an Anti-Tank Gun at 586068 firing on crossroads East of there.


2200 - B Squadron reported that 2 Polish deserters from 731 Grenadier Regiment stated enemy would withdraw across Seine.


2230 - It being too dark for further observation and the forward patrols being held up, the Regiment was withdrawn to harbour area 576018; B Squadron harboured at 542059 and Belgian forward patrols with own infantry.


25th August 1944

Place: 576018


0700 - Regiment received new tasks:- to recce from present positions eastwards to Pont Audemer, Belgian Squadron was to advance on main axes 5916-Pont Audemer, 582130-6212-7015 and St Benoit-Beuzeville-Pont Audemer and B Squadron was to advance between these axes.


0745 - Southern patrol reported enemy position at 640078; patrol sent round to recce route to the south.


0830 - Railway bridge at 662091 reported blown.


0925 - Belgian patrols reported that bridge at 622091 could not be crossed by heavy car and that Fiquefleur 6116 was occupied.


0935 - La Croix Hauron reached by Belgian patrol without opposition. The crossing at 622091 reported impossible without work by bulldozer.  The high ground east of this bridge did not appear to be held.


1030 - Bridge at 610126 reported intact but held.  One Anti-Tank Gun at 615125.


1100 - Fiquefleur reported to be defended by Machine-Gun and Anti-Tank Guns.  Bridge reported to be held but intact. Regimental Headquarters Group moved up to area 6007 and A Squadron was ordered to follow to same location.  The leading subunit of B Squadron was reported to be trying to work round to the south of Beuzeville.


1115 - Regimental Headquarters established at 612074.


Place: 612074


1130 - Belgian patrol at 622091 reported an enemy position with Machine-Gun at 622098.  One patrol was held up in front on Fiquefleur, one at Malhortie; a patrol sent to the south reported contact with troops of 49 Division at 6598.


1245 - B Squadron patrols reported that all bridges south of Beuzeville were blown, but a foot patrol was able to get across at 626087.  Belgian patrols reported that the enemy appeared to be reinforcing his positions at Fiquefleur and Malhortie.


1325 - Belgian patrol making for crossroads 679021 encountered enemy infantry at 664033.  One Other Rank was killed and one Prisoner of War (7/857 Grenadier Regiment) taken.


1345 - Crossroads at 679021 reported definitely held.


1410 - Belgian troop at 622091 employed to protect bulldozer making crossing.


1430 - One troop A Squadron sent to support infantry south of Beuzeville.


1450 - Belgian patrol reported that fire was still coming from the position at 622098.


1510 - Troop Leader of A Squadron hit while conducting recce.  Belgian patrol reported that at 679021 was one Anti-Tank Gun and that Epaignes was strongly held with Anti-Tank Guns.


1530 - Crossing reported by own troops at Malhortie but enemy still well established on the east bank.


1645 - A crossing was reported by own troops at Fiquefleur but the crossroads to the east was still under fire and Belgian patrol could not advance.


1700 - One subunit B Squadron crossed at 622091.


1710 - 4 Special Service Brigade requested a further troop of tanks to support infantry area 6307; these had already been despatched.


1750 - Belgian subunit reported that resistance appeared to be increasing on the east bank of the river at Malhortie.


1830 - A Squadron reported that troop in support in infantry had sustained 3 casualties wounded by mortar bomb.


1925 - On orders from Division all patrols in areas in which own troops had taken over were withdrawn.  One troop B Squadron was left at 622091 till 2030 hrs.


1950 - Belgian Squadron harboured area 583092.


2000 - B Squadron harboured area 590100.


2300 - All troops A Squadron returned to harbour in area of Regimental Headquarters.


26th August 1944

Place: 612074


0600 - Regiment was ordered forthwith to lift all possible infantry on tanks and other vehicles and transport them to Pont Audemer with the object of cutting off German troops believed to be falling back on the town.


0730 - Regiment moved off on centreline Beuzeville-St Maclou-Pont Audemer.


0830 - Forward elements reached Pont Audemer and reported all bridges in the town blown.


0850 - Belgian patrol reported contact with enemy in Foulbec 7015.


0915 - Bridges 783088 and 784079 reported blown; Machine-Gun at 780087.


0930 - Contact was made at Regimental Headquarters with forward elements of 48 Recce Regiment approaching from the South-East.


0945 - Bridge at 774087 blown but a ford suitable for infantry reported beside it; this ford held by one Machine-Gun.  Bridge at 709149 blown and held up by Anti-Tank and Machine-Guns.


1005 - B Squadron patrol reported that main bridges in the town were under fire.


1040 - Belgian patrol reported that enemy appeared to be organising resistance in area 7908 with an organised posn at 784052.


Place: 763089


1130 - Regimental Headquarters established at 763089.


1140 - A Squadron was ordered to block the southern entrances to the town.  One tank was detached to assist a patrol of B Squadron in an attack on a house; this tank was fired on by an Anti-Tank Gun and penetrated, both gunners being wounded.  The tank returned the fire and knocked out the gun.


1325 - Regiment ordered to concentrate ready for withdrawal to Divisional reserve.


1430 - Regimental Headquarters and A Squadron moved to 777068.


Place: 777068.


1500 - Belgian and B Squadron patrols recalled and both Squadrons joined Regimental Headquarters.


2130 - Lieutenant Laycock brought in 5 Prisoners of War identified as belonging to 1/858 Grenadier Regiment, found by him in area 7606.


27th August 1944

Place: 777068


1045 - Regiment ordered to withdraw to area 5305/5307.  Belgian Recce Squadron ordered to revert to command of 1 Belgian Group.


1330 - Regiment moved on central line Epaignes-crossroads 602074-531067.


1600 - All troops in harbour, A and B Squadrons in area 5206, Regimental Headquarters Group and Headquarters Squadron at 531067.


28th August 1944

Place: 531067


All troops resting and refitting. Information received that Division would shortly proceed to port of embarkation for return to UK.


29th/30th August 1944

Place: 531067


Cleaning of vehicles and equipment


30th August 1944

Place: 531067


Inspection of vehicles and equipment by Commanding Officer. Regiment received orders to embark.



Report on Action by 1 Troop, A Squadron on 22 August 1944


1 Troop under command Captain R de C Rennick was ordered to Pont L'Eveque to perform the following tasks:-


1. Cover Royal Engineers bridging operations.

2. Cross river and assist 13 Para Battalion to clear the town.


The troop leader contacted Commanding Officer 13 Para Battalion and Commander Royal Engineers. Royal Engineers made a ford over the first stream and the Troop crossed.  Several targets presented themselves and these were engaged by Bess and 75mm guns.  By this time the town was burning and the tanks were in danger from flaming ruins.  Estimated casualties inflicted on the enemy were 3 killed and the occupants of one pillbox (number unknown) killed.  Casualties sustained by the troop were on Cromwell hit by ? 20mm gun; the right hand shock absorbers were penetrated and rendered useless.



Report on Action by 1 Troop, A Squadron on 25 August 1944


1 Troop under command Captain R de C Rennick was ordered to support 8 Para Battalion in their operations in the area South of Beuzeville.  The Troop proceeded to Battalion Headquarters and the troop leader contacted the Commanding Officer.


The Troop supported one company of 8 Para Battalion in an attack on a farm.  The tanks advanced to a position from where they were able to cover by fire the approach of the infantry into the farm.  The leading tank, halted by an obstacle, continued to fire on a suspect 20-mm position while the troop leader advanced to try and find a way round.  At this stage he was wounded in the head by Machine-Gun fire and the Troop passed under command of the Troop Sergeant, 7920244 Sergeant Cressy E. G. who continued the action until recalled by CO 8 Para Battalion.  The action was successful and the infantry occupied by objective without difficulty.


The Troop was then ordered to attack another farm and destroy a 75-mm gun situated there.  The leading tank was fired upon by the gun and returned fire, destroying the gun.  The commanding of this tank by Corporal Miller and the gunnery of Trooper Williams 95 were excellent. The Troop was recalled.


The Troop was then given the task of shelling a wood containing some 60 enemy.  The wood was cleared. Lieutenant K. T. Robertson who had been sent out to take over the Troop then assumed command.


The Troop was then ordered to support a platoon of 8 Para Battalion whose task was to occupy some high ground.  The tanks led the infantry up a track and reached the objective without opposition.  On the objective the two leading tanks were fired on by a Machine-Gun which was silenced and the infantry then advanced up to the tanks.  The tanks then moved into a position to repel counter attacks.


A patrol of infantry went on down a track leading into the town and sustained casualties from Machine-Gun fire.  The tanks covered stretcher bearers recovering the wounded and were then ordered to move down the track with infantry and clear it.  This was done for about 1 mile, and two Machine-Gun posts were silenced. During this action the infantry suffered no casualties.


The Troop was then ordered in support of another company of 8 Para Battalion to fire at a house suspected to contain enemy.  This was done and the house was entered by infantry. Meanwhile the rest of the Troop took up a defensive position with 8 Para Battalion. Fire was directed on an enemy road block 600 yards away but the light was too bad to observe results though a large flash was seen. The time was now 2230 hrs and the Troop returned to harbour.



Report on Action by Tank Commanded by 320408 Sergeant Thomson C. S. on 26 August 1944


On the morning of 26 August A Squadron was ordered to block the southern entrances to Pont Audemer.  1 Troop was on the left. Sergeant Thomson's tank was ordered by the Commanding Officer to cover a patrol from B Squadron into a house.  The tank advanced some 500 yards up a street when it was fired on by an Anti-Tank Gun and was hit and penetrated.  The front gunner Trooper Greenwood was seriously wounded and the turret gunner Trooper Wattam slightly wounded.  Fire was directed on to the target but the tank was hit again.  The fire was again returned and the Anti-Tank Gun did not reply.  The turret gunner fired 3 rounds of High Explosive from the 75-mm gun and it is believed the Anti-Tank Gun did not fire again although the tank was in view for some seconds before it was able to withdraw to evacuate the wounded.