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Special Service




Month and year : July 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt Col M W Hope RA


11th July 1944

Place: Normandy


Regrouping.  Ceased to support 3 Cdn Inf Div.  Came under comd 4 AGRA.  Moved to area BIEVILLE 4 miles NNE of CAEN.


12th July 1944

Last residues arrived.  Relieved 150 Fd Regt RA in Sp of 6 Airborne Div east of R ORNE.


14th July 1944

One OR seriously wounded at OP by enemy shellfire.


16th July 1944

Regiment rested from mid-day.


17th July 1944

Under comd 51 (H) Div for operation GOODWOOD.  Rest period ended 2359 hrs.  Approx 20 enemy shells in Regt Area.  1 OR slightly wounded.


18th July 1944

Operation GOODWOOD.  Fired counter flak programme for bombers on factory area at COLOMBELLES on outskirts of CAEN.  Counter battery and barrage in support of 11 Armd Div for their attack SE of CAEN.


20th July 1944

Under comd 3 Br Div.  Moved east of R ORNE into area HEROUVILLETTE.  Night 20/21.  532 Bty area heavily mortared and shelled.  2 ORs killed 16 wounded, (12 evacuated of whom 3 have since died).


21st to 31st July 1944

Continuous harassing fire tasks on the enemy by day and night.


22nd July 1944

Area again shelled and mortared.  3 ORs wounded of whom one has since died.  1 troop moved to alternative position.


25th July 1944

Village of HEROUVILLETTE and surrounding areas heavily shelled by enemy.  Two ORs wounded and slight damage to vehicles.


26th July 1944

Under Comd 51 (H) Div and sub allotted in sp of 6 Airborne Div.  This necessitated certain moves of Troops to cover new zone.  Night - HEROUVILLETTE bombed and shelled.  One OR killed and two wounded as a result of a Bofors shell, aimed at enemy flares, striking their bivouac.


27th to 31st July 1944

Periodical shelling and mortaring by day and night and bombing of HEROUVILLETTE area by night.  HEROUVILLETTE generally regarded as a "Hot Spot".


28th July 1944

Veh ran over mine in 532 Bty area.  One OR injured.  One BQMS fatally injured and one OR injured by accidental Bren gun fire.



Month and year : August 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt Col M W Hope RA


1st August 1944

Place: Normandy


Regt in action in area HEROUVILLETTE in sp of 6 Airborne Div on the East bank of the River ORNE.


1st to 17th August 1944

Continuous Harassing Fire programme on enemy lines of communication by day and night.  Propaganda leaflets fired on 4th, 7th, 10th and 12th.


4th August 1944

24 reinforcements posted to Regt.


5th August 1944

Regt opened Rest Centre at RIVA BELLA near OUISTREHAM.  Three empty villas taken over and made into rest centre to accommodate 40 men and 2 Offrs for 3 days rest periods.  Proved very successful and much appreciated by all.


6th August 1944

Regt carried out trials at night with Flare indicator shells for indication of Tgts to Hvy Bombers.  As a result of experience gained Tgt indication by Cdn Arty for Bombers on night 7/8 Aug proved very effective.


7th to 12th August 1944

Very effective counter mortar programmes.  Occasional shelling of HEROUVILLETTE by enemy.  Regt firing approx 2500 shells per day in Harassing Fire Programmes.  Regt being in action close behind FDL tgts engaged at times down to range of 2200.


16th August 1944

Enemy withdrawing eastwards across River DIVES.  Regt in sp of 1 SS Bde of 6 Airborne Div.  Whole front moving forward.


17th August 1944

In Sp of Brigade - 1 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From H'LETTE To BAVENT.

PADDLE started.  Enemy withdrawing.  1 SS follow up to BAVENT and exploit to ROBHOMME.  Passing through BAVENT to-day a small puppy came into our lines with the following note on his collar - "His name is Tommy.  I wish you all well.  From a German Soldat."


18th August 1944

am - In Sp of Brigade - 1 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From - To -.

Support exploitation across River DIVES.


pm - In Sp of Brigade - 3 Para.   MOVEMENTS - From - To -.

Support attack of 3 Para across River DIVES on Axis TROARN - DOZULE.


19th August 1944

am - In Sp of Brigade - 4 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From BAVENT To BASSENVILLE.

Preparations for support of 4 SS in night attack on HILL WEST of DOZULE.


20th August 1944

0200 - In Sp of Brigade - 4 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From - To -.

Night attack by 4 SS.  Major N Norman Butler BC 534 Bty wounded.  Supported exploitation by 4 SS to SOUTH of DOZULE.


21st August 1944

am - In Sp of Brigade - 3 Para.   MOVEMENTS - From BASSENVILLE To PUTOT EN AUGE.

pm - In Sp of Brigade - 3 Para.   MOVEMENTS - From PUTOT EN AUGE To DOZULE.

Supported advance of 3 Para and attack by them on ANNEBAULT.


22nd August 1944

0400 - In Sp of Brigade - 3 Para.   MOVEMENTS - From - To -.

Supported Night attack on LA HAIE TONDUE.


1000 - In Sp of Brigade - 5 Para.   MOVEMENTS - From DOZULE To LA HAIE TONDUE.

Supported attack on PONT L'EVEQUE.


23rd August 1944


Recce and preparations for night crossing of River TOQUIS South of PONT L'EVEQUE.  Operation subsequently cancelled.  Regiment in Rothschild Chateau and Park.


24th August 1944

pm - In Sp of Brigade - 5 Para, 1 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From P L'EVEQUE To East of PONT L'EVEQUE.

Supported advance of 5 Para thence night advance of 1 SS towards BEUZEVILLE.


25th August 1944

In Sp of Brigade - 4 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From East of P L'EVEQUE To BEUZEVILLE.

Supported attacks of 4 SS round South of BEUZEVILLE.


26th August 1944

am - In Sp of Brigade - 4 SS.   MOVEMENTS - From BEUZEVILLE To ST MACLOU.

Advanced with 4 SS to ST MACLOU.  6 Airborne Div then went into reserve so regiment offered its services to 49 Div.  Special Order of the day by G.O.C. 6 Airborne Div attached at Appendix A.  NOTE:- During period 17-26 Aug the Formations supported by the Regiment changed 9 times necessitating reallocations of OP's, reps & new plans with Commanders at each change.


pm - In Sp of - 49 Div.   MOVEMENTS - From ST MACLOU To SOUTH of P AUDEMER.

Ordered to move at 1845 hrs.  First troop in action after a 17 mile march 2115 hrs.  Regiment in action by 2230 hrs and was ready first on 49 Div UNCLE Tgt at 2240 hrs.


27th August 1944

In Sp of - 49 Div Recce R.   MOVEMENTS - From South of P A To East of P A.

Supported advance of 49 Div Recce to River SEINE at QUILLEBEUF


28th August 1944

Div front cleared as far as West bank of River SEINE.  Returned under comd 4 AGRA.  Moved into harbour area 3 miles SW of ROUTOT.