Lieutenant Terence Morton Patrick Stevens


Unit : No.41 (Royal Marine) Commando

Awards : Military Cross


Lieutenant Gray was awarded the Military Cross for actions that took place before the 4th Special Service Brigade was attached to the 6th Airborne Division.


This officer assumed command of A Troop at Lion-sur-Mer on 6th June, when his Troop Commander was wounded. He and a small party were cut off by enemy armoured fighting vehicles during the same morning. Lieutenant Stevens personally attacked them and succeeded in destroying one with a grenade. The enemy fled leaving another armoured fighting vehicle intact. Several days later Lieutenant Stevens led a strong fighting patrol which blew a gap in the minefield surrounding an enemy Radar Station at Douvres-la-Deliverande. He led the patrol inside and gained information which proved of great value in the subsequent attack. Throughout this period of some days this officer's initiative, personal bravery and offensive spirit have contributed largely to the success gained by the troop and the unit as a whole.


"Paddy" Stevens was subsequently promoted to Captain.


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