Sergeant Sidney David Shrubsole


Unit : No.2 Troop, 3rd Parachute Squadron, RE.

Army No. : 1871506

Awards : Military Medal


This NCO was in command a protective detachment of sappers in the second attack on Troarn bridge during 6th June. After the infantry platoon had entered the town and were driving the enemy westwards Sergeant Shrubsole led his party east towards the bridges. For half an hour he engaged the enemy killing one and taking the remainder prisoners making the way open for the working party to reach the bridge.


During the night 7th/8th June this NCO was in charge of a small detachment of Squadron HQ personnel detailed to lay a small Anti-Tank minefield and road block just east of Le Mesnil. 100 MkV Anti-Tank mines were laid on a vital tank approach under considerable small arms fire. The mines in the road being set in holes blown with small charges. Sergeant Shrubsole laid the {unreadable} main and charges himself and personally fused every mine. The successful completion of this minefield under fire was very largely due to the complete disregard for his personal safety shown by this NCO. Throughout the operation he had shown great powers of leadership and his cheerfulness under difficult circumstances has been invaluable.


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