Lieutenant Roger Dewrande

Lieutenant Roger Dewrande


Unit : Armoured Car Squadron, 1st Belgian Brigade.

Army No. : 42057

Awards : Military Cross


For exceptional bravery and skill whilst carrying out a special recce mission in the vicinity of Branville on 22nd August 1944. It was necessary to obtain the detailed locations of the enemy in this area and Lieutenant Dewrande troop was detailed for the task. The area was held by determined enemy rearguards and most of the routes to the village were strongly blocked. By skilful observation and by drawing the enemy's fire this officer led his troop into the enemy position. Whilst making their way back the troop came under heavy fire and was in danger of being cut off. The troop commander, disregarding all personal danger, attacked the enemy vigorously and succeeded in extricating his command. His bravery under close and intense enemy fire and his clear thinking in a crisis so encouraged his troop that considerable casualties were inflicted on the enemy and the important information was successfully brought back.


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