22nd Independent Parachute Company


The following is a list of the Company's personnel who participated in the Normandy landings, divided into the airfields where they took off and aircraft from which they jumped.


Brize Norton

Aircraft V 1701 - Albemarle - 296 Squadron

Major Francis Gordon Lennox-Boyd (KIA 06/06/44)

Private T. O'Brien

Corporal Corbett

Sergeant L. Drake

Private Beattie

Private R. Newton

Sergeant Eric James Rutherford Lindores

Sergeant S. Patterson (Royal Army Medical Corps)

Private Hinchcliffe ?

Lieutenant Moore (attached from Royal Signals)


Aircraft P 1383 - Albemarle - 297 Squadron

Captain Ian Andrew Tait (KIA 09/06/44)

Sergeant Frederick Scogging (KIA 09/06/44)

Corporal Maw

Corporal Dodwell

Corporal Johnston

Lance-Corporal G. Fairhurst

Private Morrell

Private Edward Sidney Gillum (KIA 09/06/44)

Company Sergeant Major Bernard McGuinness

Corporal O. Kendall



Albemarle - 295 Squadron

Lieutenant Robert Edward Vane de la Tour  (KIA 20/06/44)

Lance-Corporal Edward Glenn (KIA 07/06/44)

Private O'Mahoney

Private Deakin

Private Hardwick

Private Bradley

Corporal Brooker

Private Brown

Private Mikeson

Sergeant Ramage


Albemarle - 295 Squadron

Lieutenant D. Wells

Private Christie

Lance-Corporal Howarth (KIA 06/06/44)

Private Lovatt

Corporal F. Nowell

Private Challis

Private Hall

Private Gordon

Sergeant M. Wells

Sergeant P. Fordyce


Albemarle - 295 Squadron

Lieutenant Robert "Bob" Midwood

Sergeant Leverett

Private Morrisey

Lance-Corporal Edward Delaney O'Sullivan (KIA 06/06/44)

Lance-Corporal Hackman

Sergeant Jack D. Long

Robert Arthur "Bob" Stoodley

Lance-Corporal Naughton

Private Stenham

Lance-Sergeant Boardman


Albemarle - 295 Squadron

Lieutenant J. Vischer

Sergeant A. Kidd

Lance-Corporal J. Parry

Sergeant P. Holly

Sergeant E. Jordan

Sergeant Smith

Sergeant Shacklady

Private Taffy Thomas

Private Pritchard

Private R. Mitchell




Reinforcement stick of 20 men commanded by Sergeant W. Hulme.