Lieutenant Marc Verhaeghe de Nayer


Unit : Armoured Car Squadron, 1st Belgian Brigade.

Army No.  : G.B. 173

Awards : Military Cross


Troop Commander, wounded during the campaign in 1940, and having been recommended to be mentioned in dispatches on August 21st, 1944.


On August 25th 1944 at Fiquefleur Equainville (6116), his troop arrived in front of a bridge of which information concerning its occupation by the enemy had to be verified. His front scout car having noticed no position or sign of the enemy's presence, Lieutenant Verhaeghe de Nayer, decided immediately to advance to take possession of the bridge. He advanced with the first party of his troop, but as soon as this one reached the bridge it was under enemy fire from mortars, automatic weapons and anti-tank grenades, the enemy having kept quiet until then.


Though Lieutenant Verhaeghe de Nayer, was wounded, he continued to lead his troop and conducted himself the retreat of his troop and rescue of his wounded. He saved all his wounded men and his vehicles and didn't want to be evacuated until his troop was rejoined by the infantry.


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