Private James Moran


Unit : No.6 Platoon, "B" Company, 7th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 14331743

Awards : Croix de Guerre


Private Moran was amongst the 7th Battalion's advance party which dropped on DZ-N thirty minutes ahead of the main body. For his actions at the end of the Normandy campaign, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre:


On 25th August 1944 at Pont Audemer this soldier saved the life of his officer. On entering the town, which had just been evacuated by the enemy, the officer and his protective section came under heavy machine gun fire from across the river; the fire was sudden, accurate and came from three guns. Casualties were suffered and the remainder of the party pinned in what cover they could find. Moran was in a comparatively safe position having been in the rear of the party but ignoring his own safety he moved up to the front, drawing intense fire on himself, to find out how his officer had fared. He found that the officer's position could be improved by cutting through a wire fence but, as he was not carrying wire cutters he moved back to the rear and obtained a pair. Returning again with these he cut the wire fence and released the officer. Each journey made by Moran brought prolonged bursts of fire from each of the enemy guns and the fact that the fire was accurate was obvious from the bodies of his comrades which were lying within a few feet. The devotion to duty of this soldier together with his complete disregard for his own safety were of the very highest order.


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