Lieutenant Gordon Pollard


Unit : No.3 Troop, No.3 Commando

Service No. : 288876

Awards : Bar to Military Cross, Military Medal


Formerly of the Royal Artillery.


On the evening of 11th June 1944 at the Chateau d'Amfreville the position of the Troop which this Officer was in was heavily shelled and the Troop Commander was killed at once. Lieutenant Pollard immediately ran to his assistance and finding there was nothing he could do he went from slit trench to slit trench dealing with casualties and heartening the soldiers, many of whom had never been under such fire before. There is no doubt that he was instrumental in saving several lives.


On the night of 12th June 1944 a Parachute Battalion which was forming up 100 yards forward of his position for the assault on Breville, suffered some fifty casualties through shell fire. Accompanied by one Medical Orderly Lieutenant Pollard immediately went forward and dealt with between 15 and 20 casualties most of whose lives would otherwise have been lost. He did not cease his efforts until he came to the village of Breville, a distance of some 800 yards ahead of his position. During this time he was continually under fire and it is little short of a miracle that he himself did not lose his life.


At Termoli, Italy, on 5th October 1943 he distinguished himself by directing an artillery shoot from a position on a forward slope in close range of the enemy's infantry.


His reputation for coolness and gallantry has become a byword in the Unit and is an inspiration to the soldiers under his command.


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