Sergeant George William Green


Unit : No.1 Platoon, "A" Company, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.

Army No. : B 62282

Awards : Military Medal


Sergeant Green has proved a great inspiration to the men of "A" Company throughout the campaign in Normandy until he was severely wounded at Goustranville on August 18th. His never failing good humour and superb courage at all times endeared him to all officers and men alike who knew him. On 18th August 1944 at 2230 hours at Goustranville, "A" Company was given an objective in a battalion night attack on the south bridges over the Eastern tributary of the Rives Dives. Sergeant Green was Platoon Sergeant of No.1 Platoon and acting Platoon Commander on this attack. His Platoon suffered heavy casualties but he reorganised them swiftly and led them on two separate assaults on enemy positions, killing and capturing well over 25 Germans; as he brought his Platoon onto their objective on the left flank of the bridge he was badly wounded in the leg. Ignoring his wound he placed his sections in positions for all round defence, got ammunition and casualty states and reported to his Company Commander. He refused to be evacuated until after every one of his men who had been wounded had been attended to.


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