Flight Sergeant George Edward James Holmes


Unit : 296 Squadron, 38 Group, RAF.

Service No. : 1579355


Flight Sergeant Holmes' aircraft was shot down on the 6th June. The following is his M.I.9 evasion report:


Left : Allied Beachhead, 7 Jun 1944.

Arrived : Portsmouth, 8 Jun 1944.

Date of Birth : 24 May 10.

R.A.F. Service : Since 9 Mar 42.

O.T.U. : Nil.

Conversion Unit: Nil.

Post in crew : Bomb Aimer.

Peacetime Profession : Railway Porter.

Private Address : 136, Tudor Road, Leicester.


Other members of crew:

F/O G.L. Wilson (pilot) (S/P.G.(-) 1962)

F/Lt. Maxwell (Navigator) (S/P.G.(-) 1963)

F/Sgt. Ward (bomb aimer) (In U.K.)

P/O. J. Smith (rear gunner) (fate unknown). [Note: Pilot Officer Joseph Smith was killed in action.]


My experiences up to the time of baling out are as related by F/O Wilson in his report.


I baled out on 6 Jun 44 and landed in a field about half a mile South of Bieville (France, 1:250,000, Sheet 8, U 0874, approximately 5 miles North of Caen). I hid my parachute, harness, mae west, and maps. I cut the tops off my special flying boots, and began walking South away from the village.


After walking for about half a mile I saw two armoured vehicles in a field, but could not distinguish whether they were German or allied. I took cover in the fields and crawled past them.


A little later an armoured car came along the road and I saw that it had a white star painted on it. It stopped about 200 yards away and I approached it. The officer in charge of the armoured car informed me that he was the Divisional Intelligence Officer. He warned me that snipers were in the neighbourhood and advised me to stay with him. A short time later a Colonel arrived, and it was decided that it was safe for me to walk to Bieville. I contacted an R.A.M.C. unit there, and while I was waiting for transport a disabled tank came along with F/Sgt. Ward (of my crew) sitting on it. I climbed on to the tank, and we were taken towards the beach.


We were passed on from one unit to another until we arrived on the beach, and were sent to the U.K. by boat.


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