Sergeant Elliott Annon


Unit : 298 Squadron, 38 Group, RAF.

Service No. : 1685669


Sergeant Annon's aircraft was shot down on the 6th June. The following is his M.I.9 evasion report:


Left : Allied beachhead North of Caen, 11 Jun 44.

Arrived : Albert Dock London, 12 Jun 44.

Date of Birth : 4 Apr 23.

R.A.F. Service : Since Nov 42.

O.T.U. : None.

Conversion Unit : None.

Post in crew : Navigator.

Peacetime Profession : Articled Clerk.

Private Address : 35 Sandyville Road, Liverpool, 4.


Other members of crew (believed safe in France):-

F/O Anderson (pilot) (S/P.G.(-) 1958);

F/O Evans (bomb aimer) (S/P.G.(-) 1964);

Sgt. Forrest (flight engineer) (S/P.G.(-) 1965);

Sgt. Lewis (wireless operator) (in hospital in U.K.); and

Sgt. Reader (rear gunner) (in U.K.)


The details of our take-off and flight up to the time of abandoning aircraft are as related by my pilot F/O Anderson (S/P.G.(-) 1958).


I came on 6 Jun at about 0330 hrs in an orchard on the S.W. side of the Bois de Bavent (France 1:250,000, Sheet 8, U 17). I pulled the parachute from the tree in which it was caught and hid it, my mae west and harness in a ditch. I started to walk in a north-westerly direction. After about an hour I rested in the corner of the wood.


At about 0800 hrs I saw an old woman with two girls who beckoned me to approach. She intimated to me that if I remained hidden in the wood she would bring me food. At about 1000 hrs she did so and advised me to go a little further into the wood. I dozed off here and in the afternoon I heard movement and noises. I identified the voices as British and they turned out to be Paratroops. They directed me to their Headquarters, and on 9 Jun I was conveyed to the beachhead and evacuated on a merchant vessel which sailed on Sunday 11 Jun. We docked at the Albert Docks, London, on 12 Jun.


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