Corporal Edward Walsh


Unit : No.3 Commando

Service No. : 2716717

Awards : Military Medal


Lance-Corporal Osborne had been a member of the Irish Guards before joining the Commandos.


At Chateau D'Amfreville on 10th June 1944 the Troop to which this N.C.O. belongs was in support of another Troop holding a garden wall. This Troop suffered heavy casualties from the enemy's barrage. {Their?} Troop Commander came back to the cellar where the supporting Troop was sheltering in perfect security. He asked for 3 men to fill up gaps in his line. Corporal Walsh immediately volunteered for this dangerous duty, setting a most valuable example to the young soldiers with him, at a time when they were reluctant to leave their companions without a lead.


This NCO previously distinguished himself by his courage at Vaagso (27th December 1941) when he was wounded in the neck by a grenade but refused to be treated until next day because the medical staff were too busy. He was also recommended for his conduct at {Termoli?} on 5th October 1943.


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