Private Edward Traynor


Unit : No.9 Platoon, "C" Company, 7th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 14401088

Awards : Military Medal


This very young soldier was one of the parachute troops who dropped behind the German lines in Normandy on the night 5th/6th June 1944. On 6th June at Le Port Benouville he had his first encounter with the enemy. He held his fire until they came within a few feet of him then, changing his mind, he laid aside his sten gun, threw a smoke grenade and rushing into the smoke, killed the leading German in hand to hand combat with his fighting knife. The others fled from the scene. Two days later he was put in charge of a small standing patrol in a wood known to be occupied by the enemy. He carried out this difficult and dangerous job successfully and brought back such detailed and accurate information that a company attack was launched on the position. Traynor took part in this attack and himself captured three prisoners. It is impossible to speak too highly of his soldier's conduct under the most arduous and trying conditions.


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