Rifleman David Cochrane


Unit : 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Service No. : 7021[00?]2

Awards : Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star


Gallantry and courage and complete disregard for personal safety. At Longueval on 9th June, Rifleman Cochrane whilst a member of a Patrol, took part in a successful ambush of an enemy party when the order was given to withdraw. Rifleman Cochrane along with Rifleman Bell noticed that one of their own NCOs had been wounded. They immediately crossed a road covered by fire with complete disregard to his own safety. Rifleman Cochrane assisted to dress the NCOs wound though every moment his chances of getting away were growing less. Having dressed the wound and moved the NCO into a French house these two Riflemen rejoined their section who by this time had been cut off and it took many hours to return to their own lines. By his cool, courageous and gallant action Rifleman Cochrane undoubtedly assisted in saving the life of a comrade.


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