Corporal Charles Stanley Runacres


Unit : 6th (Airborne) Divisional Provost Company, CMP

Service No. : 5947036

Awards : Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star


Corporal Runacres showed great resource and initiative although injured in escaping from a German Guard on D.Day 6th June 1944, after being dropped by parachute well into enemy territory and eventually returning to our own lines with much valuable information.


He was a member of a stick of parachutists dropped North of Annebault and was captured by the Germans after he had injured himself by falling down a well. He escaped by knocking out his guards and made his way into Caen where he contacted the French Resistance Movement. Corporal Runacres was operated on in a French Hospital and then after the British bombing of Caen decided to break through the German Lines and rejoin his Unit. This he did on the 19th July 1944. He supplied much valuable information of enemy movements and positions, and although still suffering from his injuries refused to be evacuated and remained serving with his Unit until it was finally withdrawn from the line on the 28th August 1944.


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