Lieutenant Bernard Frederick Horwood

Lieutenant Bernard Frederick Horwood


Unit : No.10 Platoon, "A" Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.

Service No. : 295436

Awards : Military Cross


Throughout the ten weeks Lieutenant Horwood has been in Normandy, he has continually shown a coolness and complete disregard of personal safety when under enemy fire or on patrol which has proven an inspiration to all those whom he commanded.


On two occasions, while on patrol, he was wounded but continued to lead his men until the task allotted to him had been successfully completed.


On the afternoon of the 25th August 1944, his company attacked across the valley of the River La Morette, a hill which was being held by the enemy using machine guns and mortars.


When the supporting artillery fire lifted, the Company, which had not cleared the valley, came under concentrated and accurate machine-gun fire.


A Private soldier in one of the leading sections became wounded and was unable to move from the corner of the field where he lay. Lieutenant Horwood, his Platoon Commander, was wounded at the same time. He nevertheless ordered the leading section to withdraw under cover, but himself crawled forward under enemy fire to a position where he could cover the wounded man until assistance was forthcoming.


Lieutenant Horwood was subsequently evacuated to hospital.


Lieutenant Horwood was Killed in Action on the 6th February 1945.


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