Rifleman Arthur Percy Johnson


Unit : 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Service No. : 7022414

Awards : George Medal


Near Cabourg, on the 20th August, 1944, a carrier belonging to a Belgian Unit ran over a mine which exploded. The carrier was filled with petrol and ammunition and the result was a blazing and exploding inferno in which four men were trapped. Rifleman Johnson was at the scene of the accident and in conjunction with a Lance-Corporal immediately rushed to the blazing vehicle and extricated the four men. He at once proceeded to tear off with his hands the burning clothing and remove a blazing belt which was festooned with grenades. Having completed the task, Rifleman Johnson materially assisted in dressing the wounds and helped to carry the stretchers past the still blazing and exploding carrier. Such coolness, gallantry and devotion to duty is seldom surpassed and was an inspiration to all.


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