Officers of the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, Salisbury, July 1942. The names on the photograph were annotated by Huw Wheldon. Click here for a full-size (305kb) photograph.


Back row, left to right: Lieutenants Smith, Gick, J. Chapman, Dooley, Wright, G. MaGinnis, M. Gann, H. Croft, Huw Wheldon, Giles and Windebank.


Middle row: Lieutenants Birch, Gardiner, MacFadden, Horner, Haughton, J. D. A. Boustead, Barry, R. Crockett, Dennison, Brown, Reid, R. Rigby, J. Burke and R. Martin.


Front row: Padre Hourigan, Majors Albery, Liddle, C. Vickery, E. F. Johnson and J. Drummond, Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell, Captain R. E. H. Sheridan, Majors De La Poeur, Warner and F. R. A.Hynds, Lieutenant T. D. Fithian-Franks, Captain Greaves, RAMC.