Captain John Max, before the invasion, urging soldiers not to talk about any aspect of their training. The caption reads: "A wise old Owl - perched in an oak, The more he saw - the less he spoke, The less he spoke - the more he heard, Oh SOLDIER - imitate that bird!!". Captain Max was GSO-3 (Intelligence) to Divisional HQ. He was killed on the 6th June when his glider crashed to the east of the River Dives in the grounds of the Chateau de Grangues. The other men in the glider survived and were taken prisoner, however one of the glider pilots, Barry Powell, died on impact, and the other pilot, Duncan Wright, was murdered by soldiers of the 711th Division, together with the seven survivors of a crashed Stirling which was carrying men of the 591st Parachute Squadron and HQ Royal Engineers. Copyright: David Ward.