1. Introduction - The origins of the British Airborne Forces.


2. Operation Colossus - The proposal to destroy the Acquedotto Pugliese.


3. Planning - An outline of the plan to fly "X" Troop from Malta and the logistical challenges involved.


4. Training - The training of "X" Troop and their aircrews.


5. Malta - The flight to Malta and the preparations for Operation Colossus.


6. The Flight - "X" Troop leave Malta, and after the drop the aircrews carry out the diversionary raids.


7. The Raid - The landing and the demolition of the aqueduct.


8. Hunted - Lance-Corporal Boulter, and the parties led by Major Pritchard and Lieutenant Lea.


9. Hunted - The parties led by Lieutenant Jowett and Captain Daly.


10. Captivity - The interrogation of "X" Troop, and activities as prisoners of war.


11. Analysis - Assessing the value of Operation Colossus and the lessons learnt.