Sergeant William Wallis


Unit : No.7 Section, No.9 Platoon, "C" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 5048129


Sergeant Wallis reached Arnhem Bridge with "C" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion, and fought in the Van Limburg Stirum School until taken prisoner on Wednesday 20th September. The following is a letter written by Captain W. H. F. Robinson, Second-in-Command of "C" Company, to his family on the 5th January 1945.


Dear Mr Wallis,


I was very pleased to see that your son had been reported officially as a prisoner. I would have written to you earlier, but thought it better to wait until the official news had reached you.


He did splendidly at Arnhem. On the first afternoon he was wounded in the leg - a clean flesh wound near the calf - and continued with the Coy marching another six to seven miles.


He fought in a school building with what remained of the Coy until the building was burnt-down on the Wed. afternoon, and then when it was necessary to hand over the wounded to the enemy, he attempted to escape with the few who were fit.


They were caught about an hour later. I saw him when he was a prisoner and he was quite all right. His leg wound had been dressed by a doctor and there was no need to worry.


I hope this will be of some help to you.


My best wishes for the New Year.


Yours Sincerely,


W.H.F. Robinson


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