Bombardier Wilfred Wheatley


Unit : 2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery

Army No. : 989992

Awards : Military Medal


Bombardier Wheatley was commanding a gun detachment of 2 Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA. On the 21st September 1944 an enemy tank approached his position West of Arnhem. Exposed to very heavy small arms fire from supporting infantry, Bombardier Wheatley held his fire until the tank was almost on top of him. He then knocked it out at almost point blank range. Not content with this, he immediately took part in our own counter attack and personally led a successful assault on two enemy Machine Gun posts.


Bombardier Wheatley acted throughout this episode with the very highest degree of courage and initiative. His leadership and complete disregard for all consideration of personal safety in most difficult circumstances were an example and encouragement to all with him.


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