I plan to expand this site quite considerably from its present state. I've got a number of additional projects in mind, some of which I would dearly like some assistance on. So if anyone thinks they can lend a hand in the slightest, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


New Websites


The Pegasus Archive is an ongoing project that will, in time cover all of the major airborne operations of the Second World War; from Operations Colossus and Freshman, and the Bruneval Raid, through to North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Southern France, Greece, the Ardennes, Norway and Denmark, and the Far East. It will take me years to work my way through them all, but I'm constantly working on developing each of them and any help received in the meantime will go a long way to ensuring their success. I would, therefore, be grateful for any assistance whatsoever on laying the foundations of these sites. This can include anything, from the titles of books that address each subject, to veterans accounts, photos, casualty and roll of honour lists, order of battle, etc. If you can help, please write to me at pegasusarchive@googlemail.com.




The Biographies section will be very much an ongoing process, and I only plan to stop once I have run out of people to write about and have nothing further to add about them. Being included in this section is not an exclusive club that is only open to those whose names are instantly recognisable by those familiar with the battle. Nor is it only open to those who fought on the Allied side. At present I know very little from the German perspective to compose something creditable, but it is certainly an area I wish to develop over time. I would like to include everyone that I possibly can, on the basis that if you were there, then you go in. It is a monumental task and more than likely unachievable, as I'm restricted in terms of web space and, more importantly, many Arnhem veterans are no longer with us. However I'm quite determined to give it a damn good try.


So I need help. If you are an Arnhem veteran, or you know anything about an Arnhem veteran, then send me an email and tell me all you can. As you can see from the biographies already written, it doesn't have to be anything strictly to do with the battle itself - Date/Place of Birth/Death, pre-war life, post-war life, wartime career, marriage, children etc.


Any photographs are very welcome. If you would like to send a photograph but do not have scanning facilities to email it, then write to me and I'll give you my address so you can post it. All will be carefully handled and quickly returned in the condition they came in.


Photo Gallery


If you have access to any photographs that are in any way connected with the 1st Airborne Division, taken before, during, or after the Battle of Arnhem, then please get in touch as there is a place for them on the site. If you have access to a scanner you can send the pictures to the following email address, pegasusarchive@googlemail.com, or if you don't then let me know and I'll give you my address, photocopies may suffice but the originals would be better if I could borrow them to scan them myself. All such items will be carefully handled and quickly returned in the same condition.


Technical Drawings


I would like to obtain accurate and preferably thorough technical drawings of any equipment used at Arnhem so that I can make a proper glossary section. Drawings of absolutely anything would be welcome, from grenades to Dakotas. As with photographs, originals will be returned ASAP. I have facilities to make copies of them, and I can also receive drawings in AutoCAD *.dwg, or *.dxf formats. Any clear photographs would also be highly useful.