Captain Tudor Morgan Griffiths


Unit : "F" Troop, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment

Army No. : 89309

Awards : Mentioned in Despatches


Captain Griffiths was captured on 19th September 1944 during fighting on the Rhine bank West of Arnhem. Although he himself was slightly wounded, he superintended the removal of other wounded to Arnhem hospital, after which he was transferred to Queen Wilhemina's summer palace at Apeldoorn. Captain Griffiths was dissuaded from carrying out his first escape plan until he had collected others willing to accompany him. With this object in view, having learned that at least two Prisoners of War employed in the kitchen were interested in the project, he assumed the role of Messing Officer. When all the details of the scheme were complete Captain Griffiths and three men descended from the second floor of the building on a fire-hose pipe. Outside assistance had been arranged through a civilian worker in the kitchen and the escapers were hidden until a large party of Allied servicemen had been gathered. Captain Griffiths was placed in charge of one of the assault platoons during the journey back to Allied lines. Slight opposition was encountered near the Rhine, but his platoon successfully engaged the enemy and covered the withdrawal of the main party. Safety was reached on 21st October 1944.


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