Lieutenant Thomas Graham Bush


Unit : HQ Company, 156 Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 282395

Awards : Member of the British Empire


Lieutenant Bush was the 156 Battalion's Quartermaster, and was one of only three officers to be evacuated from Arnhem when the 1st Airborne Division withdrew.


This officer joined the 156th Battalion Parachute Regiment at Jenin, Palestine in the spring of 1943. He had previously been a Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer in the Western Desert and had no experience of work in an Infantry Battalion. The Quartermaster side of the Battalion was in a very bad state but Lieutenant Bush, although lacking any knowledge of Infantry Battalion routine very soon put his department on a very sound footing and after that date the Quartermaster side of the unit functioned with admirable efficiency. This was entirely due to the officer's energy, his ability and capacity for hard work. In addition to his normal duties he took a keen and energetic interest in training and learning the duties of an infantry officer.


Lieutenant Bush prepared the Battalion for the Italian operation and saw active service with it there. On returning to England in December 1943 he [?] the Battalion rapidly and well, although he had had no experience of service in England, with its different [functions?] of administration, except as a junior NCO at the beginning of the war. He went into action again with the Battalion at Arnhem, where he served with extreme gallantry and technical skill, commanding a platoon for the last few days of the operation after all the other officers bar two had become casualties. 


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