Sapper Ronald Thomas Emery


Unit : "A" Troop, 1st Parachute Squadron

Army No. : 1930335

Awards : Military Medal


When he landed at Arnhem, on Sunday 17th September, the first person to confront Emery, a moment after he had freed himself of his parachute, was an elderly Dutch woman who immediately gathered up his silk chute and ran off with it. For his actions during the fighting at Arnhem Bridge, Sapper Emery was awarded the Military Medal: 


On the 18th September 1944 a column of German half tracks came over Arnhem bridge and attacked the house in which Sapper Emery had a defensive position. Sapper Emery shot the driver and co-driver of the leading half track which crashed into the house with its Machine Gun still in action 10 yards from Sapper Emery's window. Sapper Emery, disregarding the hail of fire aimed directly at him, stood up in full view and entirely exposed himself to the enemy, and threw a grenade into the half track killing the crew. After this Sapper Emery took a prominent part in the destruction of a further five half tracks.


On another occasion, on the night of September 18th-19th, Sapper Emery was a Bren gunner defending a room when it was heavily attacked with grenades. Six grenades came into the room wounding all the occupants. Sapper Emery, although half stunned by the explosions and wounded by shrapnel continued firing his gun and drove off the attack. Throughout the operation Sapper Emery showed the greatest courage and determination in defending a particularly dangerous post. He personally destroyed 13 of the enemy.


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