Captain / Reverend Robert Talbot Watkins


Unit : 1st Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 188498

Awards : Military Cross


During the entire operation at Arnhem, 17th/25th September 1944, Padre Watkins conducted himself with magnificent fortitude and dash. Operating within the divisional perimeter, he made himself responsible for carrying information from commander to commander, invariably through intense shell and mortar fire and always when and where the need was most great.


His endless tending of the wounded under fire, and his continued organisation of their evacuation to dressing stations - often only made possible by his untiring personal effort and example - afforded and unparalleled inspiration to all ranks.


He demeanour throughout, his unfailing courage and his complete disregard for his own safety guaranteed the morale of the entire force which never once wavered in the least.


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