Battery Sergeant Major Richard Barrett


Unit : "B" Troop, No.1 Battery, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment

Army No. : 6769165

Awards : Military Medal


This Warrant Officer was Troop Sergeant Major of B Troop, 1 Battery. On the morning of Tuesday 21st September both the subalterns were killed. The position was subjected to very heavy mortar and shell fire and enemy snipers had managed to infiltrate into buildings overlooking the position only 100 yards away. Casualties amongst the gun detachments and infantry protecting the position were extremely heavy and the position had become somewhat precarious as it was known that an enemy infantry attack supported by tanks was approaching the position. In the absence of any officers BSM Barrett took complete charge of the situation reorganised the gun position and re-established local defence. By constantly exposing himself to shell fire and small arms fire, showing complete disregard for his own safety, BSM Barrett continued to restore the position so that attacks on it were driven back and complete confidence was restored.


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