CSM Reginald Field


Unit : Defence Platoon, Headquarters 1st Airborne Division

Army No. : 2612454

Awards : Bronze Star


This Warrant Officer was Company Sergeant Major of the Divisional Headquarters Defence Platoon and was largely responsible for the perimeter defence of Divisional Headquarters. His disregard of danger and continual devotion to duty were outstanding.


On 20th September, when organising the evacuation of wounded under heavy fire, he was wounded in his neck and was ordered to report to the Main Dressing Station for treatment with the wounded. Whilst at the Main Dressing Station on 21st September 1944 the enemy attacked and captured the building. CSM Field managed to escape on the night of 21st September 1944 and made his way back to Divisional Headquarters through the enemy. He was able to bring back valuable information as to enemy dispositions on his return.


CSM Field though wounded resumed his duties with the Defence Platoon and by his coolness under the increasingly heavy mortar and shell fire was an example to all ranks. He continually visited sections on the perimeter through heavy fire and sniping and gave invaluable assistance where the fighting was heaviest.


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