Captain Piotr Budziszewski


Unit : Engineer Company, 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group

Service No. : 0345A

Awards : Military Cross


Captain Budziszewski commanded the Engineer Company, and on the night of Thursday 21st September he was sent, by Major-General Sosabowski, with 15 men to the southern ferry crossing to try and find out the situation on the opposite bank. When the party reached the area, Captain Budziszewski called out, "Hello", but there was no reply. He then sent up a flare to illuminate the area, whereupon the party were fired at with machine-guns from the other side. Amazingly nobody was hurt, but the group spent a nervous five minutes under fire before they were able to withdraw to Driel. Clearly nothing could do done to transfer the Poles to the other side of the river that night. For his efforts to get men across the river on the next two evenings, Budziszewski was awarded the Military Cross:


This officer commanded the Parachute Engineer Squadron in the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade Group during the recent airborne operations near ARNHEM. On the nights of the 22nd/23rd and 23rd/24th September 1944, he organised and directed the crossings of the river NEDER RIJN under heavy enemy fire from artillery, mortars and machine-guns. Although wounded, he remained at his post until the crossings had been completed. Throughout he showed great coolness and disregard of danger and was an outstanding example of personal bravery and devotion to duty to all men under his command.


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