Listed below is all that is known about the composition of the Kampfgruppe 'Von Tettau'. The Battle Group was formed in response to the Airborne landings, and they assailed the 1st Airborne's positions at Oosterbeek from the West. Please let me know of any further information, including the commanders of any units, and also the size of formations and their casualties.



Commander : Generalleutnant Hans Von Tettau


S.S. Schule Arnheim

English name : S.S. NCO School Arnhem

Commander : Colonel Lippert

The three battalions of this school came under command of Von Tettau on 19th September.

Strength: 3000    Dead: 130    Wounded: 350


S.S. Polizei Schule

English name : S.S. Police School

Strength: 600


S.S. Training and Replacement Bataillon 4

Commander : Lieutenant Labahn


S.S. Wach Bataillon 3

Commander : Colonel Paul Anton Helle

Came under command of Von Tettau on 19th September.

Strength: 600        Casualties: 300


Schiffsturm Abteilung 10

English name : Naval Manning Battalion 10

Commander : Kapitan Lieutnant Zaubzer

Strength: 600 men


Schiffsturm Abteilung 6/14

English name : Naval Manning Battalion 6/14

Strength: 600 men


Fliegerhorst Bataillon 2

Strength: 600


Fliegerhorst Bataillon 3

Strength: 600


Artillerie Regiment 184

English name : Artillery Regiment 184

Strength: 450 men


Regiment 42 Sichecheit



Units Promised by HQ Netherlands, 18th September


S.S. Bataillon Eberwein

Came under command of Von Tettau on 19th September.


KG Knoche

Commander : Major Knoche


Bataillon I, Sicherheits Regiment 26, (450 men)

Bataillon II, 26 Sicherheits Regiment 26, (450 men)

MG Bataillon 30, (390 men)

Bataillon I, FlaK Abteilung 688, (2 x 37L98 FlaK)

Bataillon II, FlaK Abteilung 688, (4 x 20L113 FlaK)


Hermann Göering Schule Regiment

Commander : Oberst Waldemar Kluge


I, HG Schule Regiment, (600 men)

Reichs AD, (300 men)

Panzer Abteliung 224, (Char B, 17 Vehicles)

S.S. Ersatz Abteliung 4, (450 men)

Deelen Airfield Flak Kompanie, (8 x 20L113 LW FlaK)

Wach Kompanie (various garrison units), (500 men)