Lieutenant Michael Robert Holman


Unit : No.23 Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 228610

Awards : Bronzen Leeuw.


On 23rd September 1944 at Arnhem the enemy carried out a very strong counter attack on the Battalion positions, and defensive fire from our three inch mortars was urgently required. The enemy counter battery fire had accurately registered our mortar positions, and many of the mortars and their teams had been destroyed; furthermore the least activity on the part of our mortars brought down heavy fire on their positions. Knowing full well the extreme danger Lieutenant Holman immediately organised further mortar teams and brought them into action with great accuracy, causing confusion in the enemy attacks. Although his men were being killed and wounded around him Lieutenant Holman continued to move from one mortar team to another directing their fire and giving them encouragement with complete disregard of personal safety. When all the ammunition was exhausted, and all the mortars had been knocked out, Lieutenant Holman was forced to collect his few remaining men together. He reformed these as an infantry section which he proceeded to lead with the same vigour and disregard of danger as he had displayed with the mortars. Lieutenant Holman's leadership personal gallantry and initiative was an example to all ranks.


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