Lieutenant Mieczyslaw Mikulski


Unit : Anti-Tank Battery, 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade Group

Service No. : 0207A

Awards : Military Cross


This officer was acting Officer Commanding of an Anti-Tank Battery of the 1st Polish Parachute Brigade Group in the attack on the ARNHEM road bridge in Holland. On the night 23rd/24th September, he crossed the Neder Rijn under strong enemy fire and suffered considerable casualties amongst his command in so doing. During the period this officer was fighting with 1st British Airborne Division in the ARNHEM area he was responsible for a sector in the perimeter defence. Throughout the period he displayed outstanding courage and leadership in repelling repeated counter-attacks, with his unit organised as an infantry unit. During the evacuation to the Southern bank of the Neder Rijn he displayed coolness and organising ability to ensure the withdrawal of his battery and was the last man to leave the Northern shore. Owing to there being no boats available he swam the river, without a lifebelt.


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