Captain Michael Douglas Green


Unit : Headquarters, Royal Engineers

Army No. : 224564

Awards : Bronze Star


On Wednesday 20th September 1944, armoured cars of 30 Corps were reported to be in the area South of the River Lek. Captain Green was immediately ordered to cross the river to give all available engineer information to 30 Corps and to assist them in bringing relief to 1st Airborne Division. The ferry in which Captain Green attempted to cross was destroyed by enemy fire a few yards out from the bank. He swam back and got a small rowing boat. He found no friendly troops on the Southern Bank and only after a ten mile walk, necessitating passing through the enemy lines in darkness, did he contact friendly troops holding a small bridgehead North of Nijmegen early on 21st September. He duly reported his information to 30 Corps and subsequently assisted Commander Royal Engineers 43 Division in the evacuation of 1st Airborne Division on the night 25/26th September.


Regardless of risk, and with great devotion to duty, Captain Green successfully completed a most hazardous mission which considerably contributed towards the safe evacuation of the survivors of 1 Airborne Division.


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