Private Joseph Shields Jones


Unit : Signals Platoon, HQ Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion, attached to Headquarters, 1st Parachute Brigade.

Army No. : 3130841

Awards : Bronzen Kruis


From September 23rd to September 27th 1944, Private Jones was Signaller at Headquarters 1 Parachute Brigade at Oosterbeek. During the whole of this period, Private Jones showed great courage and devotion to duty. He laid and repaired line to Regimental Headquarters many times each day. The area through which he worked was infested by enemy patrols and snipers, and when these were withdrawn, the same area was heavily attacked by Mortar and shell fire. Much of his work was performed in most difficult conditions when he was entirely alone. In spite of all these difficulties he never failed in his task. On Sunday September 28th, Private Jones was hit by Mortar splinters in his arms, legs and back, but carried on with whatever work he could do until evacuation was ordered. At all time he was extremely reliable and most persistent in his anxiety to fulfil his duty. That communications remained as long as they did with higher formation during a difficult period, was entirely due to the courageous work of Private Jones both before and after his wounds.


The dates listed above are incorrect, it is believed that 23rd September to 27th September instead refers to Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd September. Private Jones was evacuated across the Rhine when the Division withdrew on the 25/26th September.


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