Sergeant John Joseph Daly


Unit : "B" Troop, No.1 Battery, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment

Army No. : 6210701

Awards : Distinguished Conduct Medal


Sergeant Daly of B Troop, 1 Battery, was No.1 of a gun on B Troop position near Oosterbeek Church. At about 1000 hrs 25th September two Tiger tanks approached the position and opened a heavy fire from positions which could not be engaged by the guns from their positions in their pits. It was decided therefore to run guns up into open positions from which the tanks could be engaged. This was done, and Sergeant Daly then spotted the gun of a tank, pointing round the corner of a building about 100 yards away, which was heavily engaging our own infantry. Sergeant Daly, laying the gun himself put a couple of shells into it thereby putting it at least temporarily out of action. A little later a second tank appeared but was unable to pass the first. Sergeant Daly had a shot at this one too, and appeared to damage it, but it managed to crawl back under cover. Then the first tank came to life again and opened heavy machine gun fire on the gun. Everyone dived for cover, but Sergeant Daly secured an Armour Piercing shot and crawled back to his gun, loading and laying it quite coolly and sent the tank up in flames with his first round. Although then wounded in the arm he put another shell into the tank before himself getting under cover. Sergeant Daly by his superb courage and coolness under fire, filled everyone with complete confidence in their ability to withstand attacks from enemy tanks. The whole of this engagement was carried out in the open under machine gun and small arms fire and its success was certainly due to Sergeant Daly's courage and complete contempt of danger.


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