Sergeant John Inglis Patterson


Unit : Royal Corps of Signals, attached to 21st Independent Parachute Company

Army No. : 2341501

Awards : Military Medal


On the morning of the 22nd September 1944, the above Sergeant was detailed to reorganize signal communications of the 4th Parachute Brigade which through casualties had broken down. Within 8 hours Sergeant Patterson had accomplished this task, personally laying cable under intense mortar fire and accurate sniping as two of his assistants had become casualties. On the 23rd September 1944 he personally delivered two heavy wireless batteries to my {21st Independent Parachute} company. This necessitated crossing 500 yards of country subjected to heavy mortar and rifle fire at close range, as he considered the task too dangerous to send any of his men. His complete disregard of personal danger, so as to accomplish his task, which undoubtedly was of the utmost importance, was a great example to the men under his command.


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