James Swan after having received his Military Medal at Buckingham Palace

Airborne troops gathering supplies

Corporal James Swan


Unit : Scout Section, "C" Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment

Army No. : 3057009

Awards : Military Medal


At Arnhem on the 21st September 1944 the enemy carried out a strong frontal attack on C Company. While this very depleted company was engaging the enemy to its front, an enemy platoon with Machine Gun support attacked from the left. Corporal Swan was in charge of the company support group of six men. Without awaiting orders he immediately engaged the enemy, who were extremely determined and pressed home this attack. Corporal Swan however, so handled his small force that he halted the enemy. Not content, however, he attacked with bayonet and grenade and killed the greater proportion of the enemy platoon: the remainder fled. Corporal Swan's gallant action undoubtedly saved a very critical situation. His leadership and devotion to duty were of a high order.


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