Lance-Sergeant James Scott Chandler


Unit : Signals Platoon, Headquarters Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 3604811

Awards : Military Medal.


Sergeant Chandler served under my {Major Alan Bush} command at Oosterbeek from Thursday 21st September until Monday 25th September. He was in charge of a section who were exposed on a crest and whose movements were plainly visible to the enemy. This section suffered the most intense mortaring of any position in my area and was twice attacked by infantry. In spite of casualties Sergeant Chandler retained firm control and was invaluable as an Observation Post. His reports of enemy movements in front of our positions, tanks and self-propelled guns were frequent and correct. Often his observations were made under extremely difficult circumstances. The light artillery and my own 3" mortar fire due to his devoted Observation Post work gave relief to my sector on at least three occasions. When the section neighbouring his suffered severe casualties including the death of the section commander, Sergeant Chandler immediately took over and maintained a high standard of discipline at a moment when the situation became confused.


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